Future Teachers' Education Association:
Servant Leaders, Future Teachers

What is FTEA?

The Future Teachers' Education Association (FTEA) is an organization for students interested in the field of education.

What do they do?

On the Wisconsin Lutheran College campus, FTEA provides fun, various experiences, and encouragement to all education students in any walk of the education department.

Who can join?

Anyone interested in education!

Why should I join?

  • Guidance through the education department at WLC
  • Leadership experiences
  • Hands-on community involvement
  • Improved teacher preparation
  • Professional development workshops
  • It is FREE and there is NO COMMITMENT

Members of FTEA are affiliated with the Student Wisconsin Education Association (StWEA) at the state level and the National Education Association (NEA) at the national level. It is important to note that FTEA does not necessarily agree with all of the platforms and beliefs of the state and national organizations.