Kevin Fedewa (2012)
Assistant Professor of China Studies



  • ACC CLASS Chinese Language Teachers Program, Beijing, China
  • ACC Startalk Teachers Program, Hamilton College
  • M.A., Chinese Studies, Valparaiso University
  • B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, Wisconsin Lutheran College

Academic Interests

I am interested in the use of task-based instruction and performance culture in Chinese pedagogy. Task-based instruction gives you opportunities to experience real world scenarios in an experimental setting in order that when you confront a similar situation in a Chinese speaking environment, you are able to draw on these experiences and respond appropriately. Performance culture fits in nicely with task-based instruction because it focuses on observing how both verbal and nonverbal communication changes in different settings. (For example, in China a college student would not introduce herself to the school principal the same way she would to a classmate. And, she would not introduce herself to a classmate the same way that she would to an audience of classmates.) After observation comes adoption. Here, it is my job to create a positive classroom environment that allows you to step out of your native culture and practice carrying out, or performing, tasks in the way you have observed. Through the use of these two methods, it is my goal that you are able to clearly make your intentions known to listeners and understand the intentions of others in Chinese.


  • Chinese Modern Literature and Art
  • Chinese Contemporary Literature


  • MAN 201/202 Mandarin Chinese 3 and 4
  • MAN 301/302 Mandarin Chinese 5 and 6
  • MAN 371 Modern Chinese Media I: Television
  • MAN 402 Chinese Culture and Language 1
  • MAN 402 Chinese Culture and Language 2


  • Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA)
  • Wisconsin Association of Chinese Language Teachers (WACLT)