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Rachel (Sowatzke) Poulsen, ’04 biology

white-coat-ceremony-3I chose WLC for a number of reasons. The religious affiliation was important and also that it is a small school with small class sizes.

I got to play on the sports golf team, which I wouldn’t have been able at a larger school. The campus atmosphere was wonderful and I had the opportunity to participate in many clubs and activities – a big plus when applying to dental schools.

At WLC, I literally took as many classes as I could fit in my schedule, and I'm so grateful I did. The first year of dental school is mostly academic and many of the biology classes that I'm taking right now are review. There are several people in my class who are struggling because they don't have as good a biology background as I do.

While biology is important, I have to stress the value of the liberal arts degree. As part of my general degree requirements, I took art class and financial accounting. The art class has really helped my depth perception and hand skills needed to be a great dentist. Also, as a future business owner, I’ll need to able to manage a practice so I’m glad I took the business class.

If you want to study biology, you should consider WLC. The college provides not only all of the basics of biological science, but also special research opportunities. The teachers are helpful in class and as advisors. They take the time to help students in any way they can. A biology degree from WLC can prepare you for dentistry or many other fields such as medicine, pharmacology, or research.

Rachel Poulsen is currently pursuing a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at Indiana University School of Dentistry.