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Craig Kuehl '03 biology

I chose WLC because of the small, intimate class sizes and strong, liberal arts education. The opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics was also very alluring to me.

As a freshman, I thought I wanted to study computer programming. As part of my general degree requirements, my advisor, Dr. Leanne Olson, suggested that I take my first college biology course. My class was with Dr. Jarrod Erbe. His ability to teach the complexities of God’s creation at the cellular level was amazing. After taking that class, I decided to become a biology major.

The biology program prepared me for my graduate studies in a number of ways. Professors stressed the importance of learning by understanding. I think so many students miss out on this when they learn by memorization. The professors also emphasized the importance of thinking critically, which is invaluable in whatever career you decide to pursue after graduation.

The biology program has something to offer everyone no matter your dreams. I've had classmates who've graduated and gone on to veterinary, medical and nursing school, and others who now work for the Department of Natural Resources. One even trains sea lions! Your education in the WLC biology program is what you make of it. The faculty cares about you as a person and wants to help you in whatever path you choose.

Kuehl is currently pursuing his graduate degree in physical therapy at Carroll College.