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Microbiology research benefits students across the country

research_vignette2Students and professors from across the country will benefit from the work Angela Petrie (’03) did in the WLC laboratory. With the assistance of Dr. Jarrod Erbe, WLC biology professor, and using the published work of Dr. Steven Finkel, Petrie developed a laboratory exercise for a microbiology course. The project allows students to observe differences in relative fitness between two microbial strains of the same species. Her research was so noteworthy that it was published in The American Biology Teacher.

Find Petrie’s paper in the following journal:
Petrie, A., Finkel, S.E., and Erbe, J. 2005. “Use of Long-Term E.coli Cultures to Study Generation of Genetic Diversity and Teach General Microbiology Laboratory Skills.” The American Biology Teacher. 67:87-92.