Art Advising Information

Students entering the Art Major program should consider the following:

  • Enroll in 2D and 3D Design during the freshman year. These courses introduce students to the fundamental principles and language of art.

  • Enroll in Drawing I during the first semester of the freshman year.

  • Note the rotation of courses offered. Some courses are only scheduled every other year, some every third year.

  • Students pursuing a degree in Art Education should consider taking a variety of studio courses. You will also be required to do observation and field work in art settings with children. Keep a record of all experiences done outside of the school year.

  • Students considering graduate school art need to build a strong portfolio. Students are advised to select a studio concentration and take advanced level studios in this area. Although the Art Major is a 40 credit program, additional credits are encouraged to build the portfolio and develop art skills.

  • Internships are recommended for all Art Majors. Schedule an appointment with a member of the Art Department during your sophomore year to discuss options. Internships are taken during either the junior or senior year.