Marine ecology trip to Jamaica inspires photography student Marissa Abernathy

Art major Marissa Abernathy, '07, was excited to hear about a marine ecology course offered to WLC students that allowed her to travel to Jamaica.  "I am always interested when I hear about trips open to WLC students since I love to travel and my interests are so diverse."

Although Marissa did not need credits in this area, she explains, "I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take photographs in a place like Jamaica."  While there, she was able to scuba dive and climb the waterfall at Dunn's River Falls.  The scenery inspired her, and she returned to the United States with more than 600 images.  It also gave her a chance to practice shooting underwater photos, something with which she had minimal experience. 

Marissa Abernathy PhotoUpon returning from Jamaica, Marissa was approached by Dr. Robert Anderson to edit and compile footage of several films from the trip.  She is also working on integrating a large collection of images taken by the entire group.  When everything is finished, she will have created a full media presentation for the students who went on the trip as well as something to show prospective students interested in this experience.