Rodney Hahn, '02 art
Production designer for Kohl's Corporate Headquarters and freelance graphic designer

I chose WLC because I wanted to attend a Christian college.  WLC also gave me the opportunity to compete in basketball at the collegiate level, a dream of mine from an early age.

I decided to become an art major freshman year because it was always something I loved to do.  I knew I wanted art to be a part of my life, but never knew how it would play itself out.  My original plan of going into architecture fell through when I realized my talents in other areas of art.

The personal attention I received from the professors and the available facilities were advantages of majoring in art.  The professors were all approachable and their love for art is shown through their teaching styles.  The art classes and work never felt like a burden.

The art program at WLC really helped me get my hands wet in the many different areas and possibilities in the art field.  I am currently working as a production designer for Kohl's Corporate Headquarters, laying out and building their ads that are inserted into newspapers and direct mail.  I also do freelance graphic design work, projects for WLC's athletic department as well as miscellaneous projects for other businesses and organizations around the Milwaukee area.