Laura Ibbotson, '03 art
Assistant restorer at Landmarks Gallery in Milwaukee

I learned about WLC through attending Michigan Lutheran High School.The Christian foundation and atmosphere at WLC is what made it my first choice.

A Painting by Laura IbbotsonI always wanted to be an artist growing up.I used to draw and doodle whenever I could, but had never taken a formal art class until attending WLC. Right away I fell in love with drawing and knew it was God's will for my life.

As I enrolled in higher level art classes, faculty allowed me the time to practice techniques that interested me.I enjoyed the variety of art classes WLC offered. During my senior year I skeptically enrolled in a watercolor class.Since then, it has become my favorite medium to paint with and something I continue to work on.

The art program at WLC taught me how to use many different art techniques and materials.This benefited me greatly in my current job at Landmarks Gallery as assistant restorer.I restore paintings, paper, sculpture and frames.The broad art background helps me to recognize different materials used in the artwork I repair.

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Laura Ibbotson was recently accepted by American Artist Magazine to be one of twenty artists to participate in a residency at the Forbes Trinchera Ranch in Colorado from July 31, 2006,to August 8, 2006.She will have three months to create a group of paintings highlighting the beauty of theranch, and those paintings will be featured in a special issue of American Artist Magazine. The paintings will then be included in a show atForbes Galleries in New York.