Kate Mau, '00 art
Art exhibition manager for the Schlueter Art Gallery and graduate student in art history at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

I transferred to WLC my sophomore year because my first school of choice was not giving me what I wanted: a small college in a large town with culture.  I found WLC to have these characteristics as well as being closer to family and friends.

I decided on art as my major because of encouragement I received in high school.  Then, after enrolling at WLC, I immediately 'bonded' with the faculty.  They were a great inspiration to me as a student.  I saw working artists who have exhibited at shows, presented at conferences and gone through graduate school.

At WLC, the professors know your name and your talent and can help you in the areas you need.  The on-on-one interaction with faculty is something you may have to fight for in a larger school.  Since I always enjoyed art, the program helped re-emphasize my passion for it.

I am currently the Art Exhibition Manager for the Schlueter Art Gallery at WLC.  I am also pursuing my master's degree in art history from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, concentrating on early Christian and Byzantine Art.