Charlie Beck's comics have an interdisciplinary edge

Charlie Beck, '06 art education, included his own comic book in his senior art exhibit held in December of 2005. He says, "I loved comics growing up, but in high school Charlie Beck Photo I decided I was too grown up to write comics." Then, while at WLC, he discovered comics written for adults and became interested.

As a junior, Beck took an independent study dealing with comics. He began creating photo comics, something unique and interesting that works well with his other interest: theatre. "It's a lot like directing a play. You have to get them to pose, frame the shots and consider lighting and costuming."

"I write comics that meld all my interests. I get ideas from everywhere. Sometimes I wake up and think, 'that'd be a great comic.' Sometimes I see things happen and develop them more." Beck published his first collection of comics in December, available through the website, and is currently working on publishing parts of his next collection along with comics from his first collection on his website.

Beck gave 24-hour comic, a challenge originally devised by professional cartoonist Scott McCloud in 1990, a try. In 2004 and 2005, he created a 24 page comic in 24 consecutive hours, an exercise to keep him on his feet and stop over-thinking things, which can make comics lose freshness and become mundane. Beck comments, "Writing comics is something I want to continue doing. It's a good creative outlet."