Applied Anthropology Track

Applied anthropologists pair the basic frame of reference assigned to American Anthropology with current topics.  Whether it is the study and conservation of non-human primates or pioneering new approaches toward local sustainability in rural China, students assigned to this applied track of the major attempt to devise a practical application for their knowledge with the hopes of organizing their experiences into a future career.

Required Courses:

ANT 301 Peoples and Cultures of Select World Areas
A comparative, descriptive, and analytic study of a major cultural area of the world. Areas may be selected from: South & Central America, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Sub-Sahara Africa, Southeast Asia, or the Middle East. A student may repeat the course provided a different area is being covered. Prereq: ANT 201.

ANT 320 Globalization 
This course examines the definition, trends, and impact of globalization as they relate to culture. Issues such as world debt, global pressures on the environment, the role of multinational corporations, the difference between rich and poor nations, and the rapid transfer of technologies and information around the world are discussed and debated. Prereq: sophomore standing.

ANT 350 Primatology 
This course introduces students to a specialty within physical anthropology. A general overview will be made of the biological species comprising the Order Primates. Topics will include: biological development and growth, social organization, current research and ecology. Prereq: sophomore standing