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Media Design

Media design is an interdisciplinary major that combines select courses from business, art, and communication to successfully prepare students for careers in graphic design, web design, advertising, marketing, and professional communication.

  • The curriculum in media design provides each student with generalist and specialist education. Students are prepared to think, to problem-solve, to relate, and also to make and to design. Professors with real-life experience as designers and studio artists teach media design courses. Since class sizes are small, students receive plenty of personal attention and are encouraged to balance technological training with a variety of creative energies. When students walk across the stage to receive their diploma, they also will have a professional portfolio of skills and samples. 

    What Makes the Program Distinctive?

    • WLC is located in Milwaukee, a metropolitan area with a vibrant community of designers and proximity to world-class museums.
    • Media design faculty members have published font designs, have professional agency experience, and have served as art directors.
    • Media design students can work in a collaborative lab space, equipped with graphics tablets and laser printers.
    • Media design students have their work critiqued by working professionals and can see students’ work from other reputable Milwaukee schools.
    • Media design hosts two national speakers every year on topics of digital trends.

    Experiential Learning

    WLC's media design students engage in hands-on, experiential learning with Adobe Creative Suite and sophisticated text editors for web design and development. The development of a culminating portfolio allows students to showcase projects, including work in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, as well as in the areas of photography, graphic design, and web design.

    Digitally Engaged Talk & Lecture Series

    The purpose of this series is to promote technology, the humanities, and media design, providing students and the local community an opportunity to meet creative professionals. Students have benefited from listening to and engaging with past speakers, including Serenity Caldwell, associate editor at Macworld; Jason Schwartz, creative director at Bright Bright Great; Chris Coyier, designer at CodePen, writer at CSS-Tricks, and podcaster at ShopTalk; Erin McLaughlin, typeface designer; and Andy Ihnatko, technology columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times.



    WLC's media design students are encouraged to seek internships from within Milwaukee's robust creative community. Students have previously enjoyed internships at the Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee Children's Choir, and area Milwaukee creative and communication agencies. For some, internships have led to full-time job opportunities!

    Milwaukee Community

    WLC's location provides students an opportunity to enjoy the charm of WLC's small school community, as well as the many benefits of a thriving metropolitan area. Milwaukee has long been known for its lively art scene, and ArtPlace America recently named the city a 2013 Top 12 ArtPlace in America. Students can take advantage of Milwaukee's many museums, galleries, creative agencies, and public relations firms, as well as various media design events and volunteer opportunities, throughout their time at WLC.


    Rewarding Jobs

    Most of our recent graduates have obtained rewarding, full-time jobs - some even before graduation. The design field is very competitive, requiring a student's best efforts of preparation, and students are advised to identify a potential career fit for their unique talents and interests. Companies employing WLC graduates include Apexx Group, Quad/Graphics, Savage Solutions, and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

    Career Options

    There is a nearly endless list of career options for media design majors. Students can work as a print designer creating magazine spreads, book jackets, packaging designs, or company materials. They could also work in the digital world as a front end web designer, as a user interface designer, or in digital publishing. Positions as graphic designers, type designers, and art directors are viable options. Some students choose to work independently as freelance designers. WLC's media design program successfully prepares students for whichever option they choose.


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