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Honors Program Advising Information

Honors Program Entrance Requirements: While oriented primarily toward students who have achieved a certain level of academic success (as demonstrated by a 3.7 GPA and a 27 ACT/1820 SAT score), the honors program is open to any students interested in committing to this challenging, but rewarding, experience.

  • General Advising Information: PDF documents specific to this program are provided below. The full course catalog, policies, textbook information, and other resources are available from the Office of the Registrar.

    For additional advising information, contact your academic advisor. Course offerings are subject to change due to staffing, curriculum changes, or course enrollment numbers.

  • Honors Program Curriculum

    The honors program offers a 48-credit alternative general education curriculum, which allows students to pursue any major or program of study offered at the college.

    Each fall or spring semester course is inter-disciplinary in nature and is worth 4 credits. The academic content of each course is worth 3 credits, but each course will also require 1 credit of research with a faculty member or service.

    In addition to these courses, students enrolled in the honors program are required to complete:

    • One biblical theology course (300 level) and one doctrine course (400 level).
    • A foreign study component worth 12 credits; alternatively, students may complete 12 foreign language credits at the 100 level and above on campus. Students may take courses in up to two different languages. Classes taken at the high school level do not count toward this requirement. Students must begin study in a given language at the level they test into, and credits earned retroactively cannot be used to meet the 12 credit language requirement. Students may also, with the approval of the directors of the program, combine a substantial foreign study component with foreign language courses to meet the requirement.
    • A placement text to demonstrate a math competency equal to one semester of calculus or pass MAT 221 Calculus 1.
    • One lab science course (this may be fulfilled with a traditional lab science course or a J-term honors course that requires a significant lab/empirical component).
    • One 3 credit J Term or summer term course, ideally a special topics Honors class, but students may take any classes from an approved list that the directors will publish each semester. Approved courses will generally include theology and lab science courses that may also fulfill those requirements.
    • A capstone experience/project that the students prepare during their fourth year. The senior project must be coordinated with the major advisor and synthesize knowledge and skills from both the honors program and academic major or professional program.

    Students must take one 3 credit humanities or fine arts course from the list below dealing substantially with some aspect of the history, culture, letters, or society of the nineteenth century in American or Western Civilization.

    • Art Courses
      ART 212 History of Art 2
    • English Literature Courses
      ENG 210 American Literature 1
      ENG 211 American Literature 2
      ENG 221 British Literature 2
      ENG 310 Early American Literature
      ENG 311 American Renaissance
      ENG 312 American Realism and Naturalism
      ENG 325 English Romanticism
      ENG 326 Victorian Literature
    • History Courses
      HIS 101 American History 1
      HIS 102 American History 2
      HIS 382 Jacksonian America
      HIS 383 American Civil War
      HIS 112 European History 2
      HIS 211 Modern Europe
      HIS 334 Germany: Rise, Fall, and Reunification