Creative Sanctions

In an attempt to meet the goals of student life, the Student Conduct Review Board has the option to stipulate creative sanctions to residents found guilty of a policy violation.

In order for students to participate in a growth experience and fully understand the possible implications of such behavior, a sanction is stipulated which directly correlates with the policy violation. Below is a list of possible creative sanctions:

Create Or Post Signs

On occasion, a student is found guilty of inappropriate behavior for disrupting the posting and maintenance of information on signs by taking, rearranging, vandalizing, or destroying signs. When students are found guilty, the Student Conduct Review Board or Dean of Students may recommend that the student be involved with creating and/or posting signs within his/her residence hall. The student will work with the resident counselor to determine the specific time line of this responsibility. Specifics would include the number and type of signs, the location for posting, and determining if this is to be a one-time or an on-going responsibility.

Duty Rounds with an Resident Assistant

When a student has been found guilty of a noise or inappropriate behavior violation, the Student Conduct Review Board or Dean of Students may recommend that he/she will be responsible for accompanying a resident assistant doing duty rounds. It is the responsibility of the resident counselor to determine the night, number of rounds, and the resident assistant on duty, based on his/her knowledge of the student and the resident assistant staff. The board or Dean of Students may recommend more than one night or a specific night if it is necessary to enhance the educational experience.

Accompanying a resident assistant while he/she is doing evening duty rounds can enable a student to increase his/her understanding of:

  1. appropriate and inappropriate noise levels in a residence hall;

  2. the responsibilities of a resident assistant;

  3. appropriate responses to and levels of cooperation with an resident assistant.

Attendance at Hall Programs

The Student Conduct Review Board or the Dean of Students may recommend that a student attend a hall program that has educational value directly related to the violation and will offer a student the opportunity to more thoroughly understand the necessity for changed behavior. For example, a student who has been found guilty of alcohol abuse could attend a program or workshop on alcohol issues.

Develop and/or Present Educational or Community Building Program

Students may exhibit inappropriate behaviors that are disruptive to the college community. The Student Conduct Review Board or Dean of Students may recommend that the student, in conjunction with the resident counselor, develop and/or present a program that has a direct effect on the community developed through the Student Development Planning Committee. For example, a student could develop a presentation on "Creating a Responsible Living Environment" or plan an activity which promotes the development of a positive community for the campus.

Referral to the Dean of Students

If a student is not cooperating with campus policies or with the student conduct system guidelines, the Student Conduct Review Board may refer the student to the Dean of Students. The dean's responsibilities include providing some perspective that may help the student. The following list includes a number of issues that could be discussed during that meeting:

  1. a Christian's response to the cross;

  2. a student's responsibilities in the residence hall specific to the appropriate behavior, noise policy, alcohol drug policy, etc.;

  3. the operation of the conduct system and a student's responsibility in this process;

  4. necessary cooperation with residence staff;

  5. specific concerns the student may demonstrate or wish to discuss;

  6. short- and long-term impact of damage to property or to the building;

  7. health and safety concerns to all residents;

  8. financial restitution for damage;

  9. custodian/maintenance staff responsibilities and expectations of residents specific to these responsibilities.