Administrative Hearing Procedures

An administrative hearing will be scheduled within five class days after the alleged violation has been communicated to the professional staff member. The notification will identify the alleged violation and note that a hearing will be held at a specified time.

If a defendant fails to contact the Student Affairs office or does not appear at the hearing, the administrative hearing officer will reach a decision in the defendant's absence using any available information.

An administrative hearing will be conducted and may include the complainant. The defendant will have the opportunity to hear the specific allegations and present a response to those allegations.

After a discussion of the complaint with the defendant, the administrative hearing officer will decide what action, if any, is to be taken. All such actions will be communicated verbally to the defendant.

Following the administrative hearing, a letter providing a brief review of the content of the hearing, the results of that discussion, and appropriate disciplinary action will be sent to the defendant. A copy will also be filed in the Student Affairs office.