Student Conduct Review Board Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Student Conduct Review Board

  1. To adhere to the principles of due process.

  2. To adjudicate violations of rules and regulations of the college/residence hall system.

  3. To hear all cases under its jurisdiction. Jurisdiction includes violations of college student life policies and residence hall policies and procedures occurring in the residence halls, campus, parking lots, dining hall, student union, recreational facilities, library, classrooms, etc.

  4. To determine students' innocence or guilt.

  5. To properly apply Law and Gospel, assuring the individual(s) of forgiveness and recommending appropriate sanctions.

  6. To hear cases on appeal.

Member Responsibilities (Student Conduct Review Board)

A Student Conduct Review Board member is expected to carry out a number of roles and responsibilities, such as maintaining confidentiality, remaining objective, and role modeling appropriate behaviors in residence halls.

The following list is intended to act as a further guideline for detailing responsibilities:

  1. Attend the case to which the member is assigned. If he/she is unable to attend, it is his/her responsibility to find an alternate and inform the Judicial Board advisor as to whom the alternate is.

  2. Be on time.

  3. Be attentive and objective. Take notes, ask appropriate questions, be assertive, and state his/her thoughts during the discussion periods.

  4. Know the system. Be familiar with the range of sanctions.

  5. Examine each case individually. Deal with the violation and not the personality displayed. Look at what is most beneficial for this person as a child of God.

  6. Maintain an evangelical attitude.

Duties of Officers (Student Conduct Review Board)

Board chairperson

  1. presides at board proceedings;
  2. is a voting member of the board;
  3. maintains an orderly board;
  4. informs the defendants of the board's decision


  1. prepares copies of the board's decision to be given to the Conduct System advisor;
  2. records all hearings for the purpose of a complete record in case of an appeal

Student Conduct Board Members

  1. attend all board meetings;
  2. attend all board training sessions;
  3. attend hearings when assigned;
  4. act as role models in their general behavior within the college community

The Judicial Board Advisor

  1. attends all board meetings and training sessions;
  2. advises the board on all cases and decisions at the request of the board;
  3. clarifies rules and regulations at the request of the board;
  4. assists in the proper training of the board members;
  5. helps provide consistency and uniformity between the board members for recommended sanctions;
  6. coordinates informational and training meetings of the board members
  7. meets regularly with the Dean of Students