Student Conduct Review Board Organization

  1. The Student Conduct Review Board shall consist of eighteen members.

  2. A quorum of five board members is necessary to hear a case.

  3. A hearing board will be created as needed by assigning board representatives. Assigned representatives may decline because of a conflict of interest. In that case, another assignment will be made.

  4. In the case of an appeal, an appeal board will be selected from the remaining representatives.

  5. The Student Conduct Review Board advisor will designate one member of each hearing board to serve as chairperson.

  6. A recorder will be selected from within the board by the chairperson.

  7. Each member of the board will have one vote in deciding a case.

  8. If board members have significant prior knowledge and/or involvement in a case being heard that may effect subjectivity, they should disqualify themselves.

  9. The chairperson will have the authority to remove any person(s) from the hearing responsible for a disruption.

  10. Each month a three-member review committee will be chosen from among the eighteen board members. This committee will help determine which cases will be heard by the board and which cases will be dealt with by the advisor.

  11. If the personal nature of the incident warrants, the Dean of Students or the review committee may choose to initiate an administrative hearing rather than referring the case to a Student Conduct Review Board hearing. In addition, administrative rather than Student Conduct Review Board hearings may be held during the first and last few weeks of each academic semester when the boards are not in session or are unable to promptly hear cases.

Member Selection

Student representatives/alternates

  1. Board members will be selected each spring semester to serve during the following academic year.

  2. Nominations to the Student Conduct Review Board will be accepted from the student body. These nominations will be reviewed by the Student Senate and the residence staff, who will jointly make recommendations to the Student Affairs Committee.

  3. Students who are nominated to Student Conduct Review Board positions should be recognized by the college community as objective and fair individuals who live their Christian faith. They should have demonstrated an ability to think logically and critically and to act confidently.

  4. In order to serve on the Conduct Board, a student must have a 2.5 GPA and have been a Wisconsin Lutheran student for at least one semester. An individual who is on residence hall probation may not serve as a board member.

Student conduct system advisor(s)

The advisor(s) will be appointed by the Dean of Students.

Procedures for Removing a Student Conduct Review Board Member

Student Conduct Review Board members accused of violating confidentiality, inappropriate behavior, or not meeting the roles and responsibilities of a board member are offered due process procedures similar to those which apply in the Student Conduct System. The basic points of procedural due process are:

  1. A hearing will be scheduled with the Dean of Students or the Student Conduct Review Board advisor.

  2. At least three class days prior to the hearing, the board member is entitled to the following:

    1. written notification of the time and place of the hearing;

    2. a written statement of the charges in sufficient detail to enable him or her to prepare an adequate defense;

    3. notification of the name of the person directly responsible for having violated the confidentiality policy.

  3. A hearing will be held in which both sides can be heard. At the hearing, the defendant is entitled to:

    1. appear in person to present a defense and call witnesses. (The defendant's failure to appear at the hearing will not be interpreted as an indication of guilt.);

    2. ask questions of the complainant or any witnesses;

    3. receive an expeditious hearing of the case.

  4. The accused board member will be entitled to an explanation of the decision by the Dean of Students within 24 hours. Written notification of the decision will be provided as soon as possible following the hearing.

  5. A record of the alleged violation of confidentiality, accompanying documents, and recommended action shall be maintained in the Student Affairs office for the period of time the student is enrolled at Wisconsin Lutheran.

  6. All proceedings will be confidential.