Security Services

Policies for Issuing Security Warnings

Security warnings are issued to students and employees through emails and in the Warrior Watch, which is a quarterly newsletter dealing with security issues. It is sent electronically to the entire campus, with hard copies posted in the Residence Halls, Apartments, and Academic Buildings.

Public Safety Student Worker Program

Students should never walk home alone at night. The Public Safety student worker program was developed to support the Public Safety Office in providing a safe and secure campus. The Public Safety student workers (or Public Safety officers) will provide escorts for safety and security reasons to students, faculty, and staff on campus and in the near off-campus areas by requesting an escort at the Public Safety Office (lower level of the REX) or by calling 414.443.8500. When not providing escorts by foot or vehicle, the student workers will be visible performing walking patrols on campus to observe and report any suspicious activity to Public Safety.

The student workers are equipped with red jackets and T-shirts, flashlights, and a two-way radio that allows them to have contact with the Public Safety Office. If you need an escort for safety and security reasons, please call the Public Safety Office at 414.443.8500. The Public Safety officers will provide escorts during the time not covered by the student workers.

Reporting Incidents

Incidents should be reported to the Public Safety Office at 443.8500, and to the Student Affairs Office at 443.8854.

On-Campus Phones

Several phones are located throughout the main buildings on campus for intra-campus communication. These phones can be used to dial for outside emergency service by dialing 911. All of these phones are clearly labeled with instructions for dialing emergency phone numbers both on campus and off campus.

Emergency Numbers

There are sheets posted around campus with important emergency numbers. Please note these postings around campus so that you are able to refer to them in an emergency. In addition, all student dormitory rooms and apartments on campus were given sheets with on-campus emergency numbers. There are also boxes located in the underground parking structures in case assistance is needed. Please use these in an emergency situation only! 

Crisis Plan

Crisis plans are available in every building at the main desks. The building employees should be aware of this plan and be ready to use it in an emergency. These guides contain information on handling various crimes, including sexual assault, as well as natural disasters. Included in these guides is a phone notification tree. Please note, in any emergency, the Executive Director of Marketing & Communication is the only person authorized to speak to the press.