Incident Reporting and Investigating

If a criminal act or an emergency is observed on campus, it should be reported as follows:

Policies for Reporting Campus Crime

Residence Halls
If the incident occurs in the residence halls, it should be reported to the Resident Assistant or Resident Counselor. The Resident Assistant or Resident Counselor will then file a report with the Director of Resident Life, who will inform the Public Safety Director and the Vice President of Student Life.

Elsewhere on Campus
If an incident is observed else where on campus, it should be reported to the Public Safety Office and the Vice President of Student Life. If contacting the Vice President of Student Life is not possible, then the Resident Assistant or Resident Counselor on duty will help inform the proper authorities.

Reporting accidents and incidents to the Public Safety Office and the Office of Student Life permits accurate record keeping and tracking of accident and incident causes. The collection of information is a preventive measure intended to keep similar accidents from occurring.

Responsibilities of the Public Safety Office

Public Safety Officer
Responds to accident/incident and/or takes report in the Public Safety Office. Conducts or ensures accident/incident investigations are reported properly. Prepares and ensures accident/incident investigation reports are completed. Immediately notify the Site Manager of all accidents/incidents. Participate as active members of the investigation

Director of Public Safety/Site Manager
Ensures accident/incident investigations are conducted. Implements corrective actions as appropriate to prevent reoccurrence of similar accidents/incidents. Reports accidents /incidents to the Dean of Students and the Director of Residence Life

Definitions of Incident and Accident

An unplanned event, not necessarily injurious or damaging to property interrupting the activity in progress.

An incident that results in either injury or property damage.

Actions Taken for Each Incident Report

At a minimum, investigations are conducted for the following: any injury, significant property damage or equipment damage, any incident that violates school policy or is criminal in nature.

Investigations should serve as the following: determine the root causes, determine contributing factors, prevent similar incidents from occurring, document facts, provide information statistics and promote safety and security.

Documenting the Investigations
It is critical that each investigation be fully documented, and each is documented using a standard incident form. These forms can be found in the Public Safety Office or in the Office of Student Life.

Completing the Incident Report
Fill in the following blocks: nature of incident, date and time of report, complainant (name of person), location of incident, narrative (detailed description of incident), name of reporting officer or person performing the investigation.

As part of orientation training, each employee is informed of the necessity to report any accident/incident immediately.

The Director of Public Safety performs a self-audit of the site to verify implementation of the incident reporting and investigation program.