Vision 2020

Wisconsin Lutheran College's Strategic Plan

Vision 2020 booklet jpg

At Wisconsin Lutheran College, we marvel at God's blessings upon the college for the past 40 years. We are grateful for his steady guidance, and we pray for continued direction as we look ahead and contemplate our vision for WLC's future.

For the past year and a half, we have focused intently on our road map moving forward. We took a keen look at our current realities through the lens of what can be and we created the enclosed publication of our strategic plan. Vision 2020 is a succinct description of our upcoming, prioritized initiatives and is essentially a three-year action plan that we will follow, implement, and with God's help, accomplish.

We called it Vision 2020 because it is our heartfelt goal and prayer that God would grant us the ability to impact 2020 students with our Christ-centered mission by 2020. Our collective focus during the next three years will set us on the way to realizing this goal, God willing.

In Christ's service with you,

Dr. Daniel W. Johnson
President, Wisconsin Lutheran College

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