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Warrior PAC - Peer Admissions Counselors

Warrior Peer Admissions Counselors (PAC) are current Wisconsin Lutheran College students who are proud ambassadors of the college. Their mission is to connect with prospective students over the phone and share their personal WLC experiences.

Not too long ago, members of PAC were looking for a college that was the right fit for them too, so they have a pretty good idea of what high school students are going through and can assist you in your college search. If you'd like to talk with a current WLC student, contact the Office of Admissions at 414.443.8811 or via email.


    PAC - Alex M Photo

    Major: Pre-Dental

    What I like most about WLC: I love that WLC allows everyone to be involved in numerous things on campus.

    At WLC I participate in: I recently joined the art club so I'm really excited to meet other people who enjoy art.

    Advice to a high school senior: My advice to seniors in high school is to work hard and study hard, but still have a lot of fun your last year of high school.

    Favorite place on campus: I love going to the Warrior Underground to get smoothies.

    Favorite thing to do in Milwaukee: I really like going out to eat with a group of my friends.


    PAC Photo-Allyson


    PAC Photo-Anna


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    PAC Photo-Brittany


    PAC - Erin Photo

    Major: Biology

    What I like most about WLC: Small campus and nice professors/people

    At WLC I participate in: PAC, might join rock climbing, WEB, art club

    Advice to a high school senior: Have fun your senior year and talk to everybody - it might be your last chance!

    Favorite place on campus: My room

    Favorite thing to do in Milwaukee: Go the Zoo and the Riverwalk


    PAC-Joel image


    PAC - Kaitlin L Photo

    Major: Nursing

    What I like most about WLC: The Christian atmosphere

    At WLC I participate in: I don't know yet.

    Advice to a high school senior: When you first get to college it's okay to be scared. Odds are every other freshman feels exactly as you do.

    Favorite place on campus: Chapel

    Favorite thing to do in Milwaukee: Explore! I'm from out of town, so I know nothing about Milwaukee.


    PAC Photo-Lacey


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    PAC Photo-Leah


    PAC Photo-Logan


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    PAC Photo-Millicent


    PAC Photo-Sarah