Pathways to College Enters Its Second Summer Program

Pathways to College two-week camp offers continuation in year-long learning program designed to assist lower-income, first-generation college students

Date Posted: July 6, 2009

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin Lutheran College is hosting a two-week summer program for Pathways to College July 6-17. The summer session is part of the year-long requirement of being in the Pathways program and focuses on math, science, public speaking, arts and athletics. The math component includes a robotics piece where the students build robots and design simple software to make them move. 

Pathways to College is in its second year at Wisconsin Lutheran with students who have recently completed either 6th or 7th grade. It is a program designed to assist lower-income, first-generation college students who have the potential to succeed in college. The primary focus of the program is to develop students to be academically sound, to be socially and spiritually strong and to have the financial resources to continue their education beyond high school.

The Pathways program has three components. The pre-college component is for students in grades 6-12 who are given resources to ensure their skill levels rise to meet the entry requirements of most colleges and universities. The college component will provide students the support, resources and tools they need to succeed in college. The parental component enlists the commitment of parents to encourage and support their student for the entire length of the program while also providing them with a variety of enrichment workshops. A new component, the K-5th grade component, will be added in the fall for families as well.

Students in the Pathways to College program participate at least once a week in mini courses on high school and college options, math and reading enhancement, financial management and study skills and habits. The students also meet one Saturday a month and have various activities, workshops and guest presenters.

"The summer program is an exciting time for everyone; the kids are have a great time in the biology lab and building robots. They also have an opportunity to tap into their creative side in the visual arts classes," says Milton Cockroft, Pathways to College Director. "This year we have students from 12 Milwaukee schools participating in Pathways, and we are excited to bring on another 80 students for 6th grade in the fall."

The Pathways to College program and summer camp is funded by grants from the Siebert Lutheran Foundation, the Elizabeth A. Brinn Foundation, and Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. 

For more information about Pathways visit or to schedule a visit during the camp, call (414) 443-8543.

Wisconsin Lutheran College is a four-year, Christian liberal arts college located on the west side of Milwaukee.