Gift of more than $5 million results in naming of Generac Hall

Generac Hall

Date posted: May 12, 2011

MILWAUKEE – An official name for Wisconsin Lutheran College's science and academic building will be unveiled on campus Saturday, May 14. The name Generac Hall is the result of a collective $5.1 million gift from several former and current leaders at Generac Power Systems, Inc., of Waukesha, Wisconsin. This represents the second-largest one-time gift in Wisconsin Lutheran College history, with additional financial support still coming in for the project.

William Treffert, former President and CEO of Generac, is a board member and major supporter of Wisconsin Lutheran College. His idea was to ask other leaders involved with the successful growth of Generac to join him in a significant gift to Wisconsin Lutheran College. As a result of the gift, the facility will be named Generac Hall.

"I saw this as a way to help out an institution I admire and support, but also as a way to ensure that the name Generac, a great company I care about and one that was very good to me and many others, will be displayed on this campus and in the community for generations," explained Treffert. "Both Generac and WLC believe in high standards and strong leadership, so I see this as a natural partnership."

A celebration event is planned for Saturday, May 14 to thank the donors who have participated in this $5.1 million gift to Wisconsin Lutheran College. "The WLC family is beyond grateful for this transformational gift," said Dr. Daniel Johnson, President of the college. "We praise God for friends and champions like Bill Treffert and our other Generac Hall partners. This amazing initiative is an inspiration to us all and allows us to pursue our mission more passionately than ever before, as we produce effective, well-educated Christian leaders for our community and beyond."

Treffert and Dawn Tabat, Chief Operating Officer at Generac and one of the donors, will unveil the new Generac Hall sign on May 14. "I like the strong partnership between business and higher education that this project represents," Tabat said. "This kind of joint effort is good for communities and sets a positive model for other educational institutions and corporations to follow."

Wisconsin Lutheran College is an independent Christian college in Milwaukee that is recognized for its academic excellence and Christian leadership tenets.