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Koiné and Wisconsin Lutheran College have joined forces to encourage the next generation of church leaders. This unique partnership seeks to pool each organization's talents and resources to reach an ever growing audience of young adults. Two of the band’s members are WLC alumni, Brian Davison (vocals) and Seth Bauer (piano).

Wisconsin Lutheran College is not only offering use of their facilities and an office on campus to Koiné, but its students as well. Musicians from the college can sometimes be seen alongside Koiné assisting with worship at St. Marcus, Koiné’s home church. Through an informal “musician exchange,” the Koiné musicians share their experience in music ministry with students. Students also are working alongside members of Koiné in the day to day operation of their ministry. From the financials of CD sales and touring to scheduling and marketing, students are getting hands-on, real-world experience, utilizing their talents in service to the Lord.

Koiné also is taking Wisconsin Lutheran College on the road. Through its Back in School initiative, Koiné is touring the country sharing their music ministry with Christian grade schools and high schools. Spreading the reminder that all of our talents are gifts from God, students are encouraged to use those talents to serve the Lord. Wisconsin Lutheran is referred to as a college where students can strengthen their faith and be equipped to be Christian leaders in their communities, while gaining the academic excellence and preparation they’ll need for their chosen career paths.

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“We are thrilled about this partnership with Koiné,” said President Daniel Johnson. “We are so very grateful for their added role of sharing our WLC ministry with others – when and where they can.”

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