Marine Ecology Instructors

Robert Anderson is a professor of natural resources biology and assistant dean of faculty development at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Dr. Anderson began teaching biology on the college level in 1988 and has been at WLC for the last 14 years. His doctoral work at Michigan State University was in the area of fisheries biology, and he received further training in marine biology at the Hofstra University Marine Laboratory.

Roger Klockziem has been a science professor since 1979, first at Dr. Martin Luther College and, since the amalgamation of DMLC and Northwestern in 1995, at Martin Luther College. Dr. Klockziem teaches life science courses at MLC. His doctorate from the University of Minnesota is in curriculum and instruction of science. He also studied marine ecology at the University of the West Indies - Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory.

Lawrence Olson is a professor of ministry and religion at Martin Luther College; his doctorate is from Fuller Theological Seminary. He came to MLC in 1993 after 10 years as a parish pastor. Dr. Olson is a long-time student of and specialist in the history and culture of Jamaica, and his dozen previous visits have included travel to all parts of the island and studies carried out at the National Institute of Jamaica and the University of the West Indies.