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Honors Program

Wisconsin Lutheran College's honors program provides students an opportunity to differentiate themselves through a rigorous alternative general education program. The program can be combined with any major and is designed to promote academic leadership and the doctrine of vocation.


  • Benefits of the Honors Program

    Students who participate in the honors program differentiate themselves from fellow WLC students and students from other institutions through their:

    • Pursuing a rigorous alternative general education program that can be combined with any major or program of study on campus;
    • Participating in a variety of interdisciplinary courses that emphasize literacy by integrating a study of the Christian tradition with “great books”;
    • Engaging a foreign culture and language with the possibility of studying abroad for a semester;
    • Fostering close relationships with fellow honors students and faculty and also taking part in research and service opportunities from the moment they step on campus;
    • Meeting important academic and cultural figures who visit our campus; and,
    • Securing priority registration for classes.

    Objectives of the Honors Program

    The Lutheran Church, since its inception, has embraced the Reformation tradition of ad fontes (“to the sources”) and encouraged faculty, who are bound to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, to prepare the laity for lives of Christian service. In this spirit, the mission of the honors program is to: esteem tradition; encourage curiosity; teach God’s truth. As they pursue those ends, graduates of the honors program of Wisconsin Lutheran College, will:

    • Acquire literacy in the profound theological, cultural, and scientific ideas and texts that comprise the architecture of the Christian and Western traditions.
    • Apply their literacy in the interdisciplinary conversation that the Christian and Western traditions inspire and as they pursue their vocations in their careers, families, and as active members of both the church and society.
    • Advocate for the holistic integrity of and the dynamic interplay between the Christian and Western traditions that this educational program explores.
    • Pursue an on-going active participation in a specific research or service program.
    • Fulfill their vocations as Christian leaders, not only in intellectual endeavors on campus, but as they live out their vocations in the world into which God has called them. 

    The Wisconsin Lutheran College Honors Program is committed to helping students esteem the great authors and texts of the Western Christian tradition, promoting students' curiosity about the questions that tradition raises, and teaching God's truth as the wisdom that serves as the foundation for lives of Christian service in their various vocations.


    The honors program faculty demonstrates its commitment to the program's mission by the pursuit of these emphases:

    The honors program of Wisconsin Lutheran College will:

    • Introduce students to a rigorous study of the great authors and texts of the Western Christian tradition and promote a vital curiosity about the questions those texts raise.
    • Equip students with the technical competencies and personal dispositions to nurture their skills as critical readers, writers and thinkers.
    • Encourage Christians who are critical readers, writers, and thinkers to acquire and refine various habits of thought for responding to significant texts and the questions those texts raise in the context of an interdisciplinary course of study.
    • Prepare students to demonstrate intellectual dexterity and wisdom as critical readers, writers, and thinkers in their personal lives and professional careers.


    The honors program offers a 48-credit alternative general education curriculum, which allows students to pursue any major or program of study offered at the college.

    Students in the honors program will take one class each semester during Years 1, 2, and 4. During Year 3, they may use either semester to study abroad and use the other semester for researching their capstone project. If students select to pursue the 12 foreign language credits, they may take those classes at any time they are enrolled in the college.

    Each fall or spring semester course is interdisciplinary in nature and is worth 4 credits. The academic content of each course is worth 3 credits, but each course will also require 1 credit of research with a faculty member or service.



    While oriented primarily toward students who have achieved a certain level of academic success (as demonstrated by a 3.7 GPA and a 27 ACT/1820 SAT score), the honors program is open to any students interested in committing to this challenging, but rewarding, experience.

    Students may apply to the honors program once they have been admitted to Wisconsin Lutheran College. Honors program applications are considered by the honors program faculty.

    Honors Program Application

  • Honors Program


    The honors program is an alternative general education program that can be combined with any major or professional program that the college offers. It is also a program designed to promote academic leadership and the doctrine of vocation on our campus.


    The honors program is committed to academic excellence, not elitism, and it is designed to contribute to a sense of academic diversity on our campus. As such, it is a program for those students interested in pursuing a unique, rigorous, inter-disciplinary, text-based education.


    These interdisciplinary courses are designed around the close examination of those enduring texts that serve as the foundation of both the Western Christian tradition and a liberal arts education. The classroom experience will be similar to that of a seminar, in which the professor serves as a tutor who guides class discussions and learns with the students. Students are expected to contribute significantly to their course activities.


    This honors program provides numerous benefits, beyond its prestige, to its participants. Students who are enrolled in this program can be certain that the process of cultivating this rigorous academic experience will thoroughly prepare them for any major, program of study, or vocation that they wish to pursue.

    Through its emphasis on building student cohorts, providing special housing, developing mentoring and research or service opportunities with faculty, and providing opportunities to meet important academic figures who visit campus, the honors program seeks to help students participate fully in a learning community on campus and develop relationships that last throughout their lifetimes.

    The college will formally note students' participation in the program on their transcripts.


    Interested students may contact the program's co-directors for more information.

    • Dr. Kevin Glaeske: 414.443.8893; email
    • Dr. Aaron Palmer: 414.443.8561, email

    You can complete an application for enrollment in the program here

    For questions regarding admittance to Wisconsin Lutheran College, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 414.443.8811 or via email.