Hearts and Hands of David

A workshop on modern artistry in Lutheran Worship

April 20-21, 2012
At Wisconsin Lutheran College
Co-Hosted by Koiné

The Hearts and Hands of David Workshop was designed to connect, encourage, and grow artists and musicians who use modern technology, art, and instrumentation in Lutheran Worship. The two day clinic featured many sessions hosted by the members of Koiné and other special guests. All were invited to enhance their gifts of service at the Hearts and Hands of David Workshop. The Workshop was followed by a special event featuring Koiné on Sunday afternoon, April 22.

Some things we hoped to accomplish in this Workshop:

  1. Advance diversity with excellence in worship.
  2. Network church leaders who are utilizing non-traditional music and worship forms.
  3. Provide a safe forum for discussing important issues in Lutheran worship.
  4. Foster growth in the ministry of worship leaders and worship band leaders, especially those who may be new to the role.
  5. Encourage the development of WELS musicians and artists.
  6. Further the effective use of technology in worship.
  7. Create a venue to celebrate the gifts of WELS musicians and artists.

Heart and Hands of David poster