Meningitis and Hepatitis B Information


Meningitis is a potentially fatal disease that can progress rapidly in just hours if untreated. Because this disease poses a particular threat to certain college students (i.e. freshmen students living in a dorm), it is important to become educated on the risks of the disease and the effectiveness of the vaccine created to prevent it.

Download a pdf about the vaccine.

For more information on meningitis, please visit the National Meningitis Association website.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening disease that damages the liver. A vaccination is available to help prevent the disease, but there may not be an effective cure for it once the infection is received.

Download a pdf about the vaccine.

To learn more about this serious disease and its vaccination, please visit the Hepatitis B Foundation website.

Vaccination Procedures and Information

If you have a desire to receive a vaccination against Hepatitis B or Meningitis, visit the Student Health Center. Questions? Call the Student Health Center at 414.443.8630 or email