Meningitis and Hepatitis B Information


Meningitis is a potentially fatal disease that can progress rapidly in just hours if untreated. Because this disease poses a particular threat to certain college students (i.e. freshmen students living in a dorm), it is important to become educated on the risks of the disease and the effectiveness of the vaccine created to prevent it. For more information on meningitis, please visit the following websites:

Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American College Health Association

National Meningitis Association

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening disease that damages the liver. A vaccination is available to help prevent the disease, but there may not be an effective cure for it once the infection is received. To learn more about this serious disease and its vaccination, please visit the following websites:

American College Health Association

Hepatitis B Foundation

Vaccination Procedures and Information

If you have a desire to receive a vaccination against Hepatitis B or Meningitis, see Health Services. Your student insurance will cover theses vaccinations. For more information on the side effects associated with Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccinations, you may obtain Vaccine Information Statements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. For additional questions, you may call the Health Services Office at 414.443.8630 or e-mail