Grace Lutheran Church & School, Grenada

Since 2005, Wisconsin Lutheran College has sent nearly 200 students and faculty to the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. WLC’s programs in Grenada are carried out in partnership with Grace Lutheran Church and School and in collaboration with various Grenada government ministries: education, fisheries, sports, and health.

The WLC trips make it possible for students to experience a totally different culture in which they can share their faith in Jesus and prepare to be Christian leaders, while adding value to the everyday lives of Grenadians.

Grace Lutheran exists to raise up Grenadians for ministry and service to our Lord Jesus. To enable this, Grace seeks financial sponsors from all over the world to help Grenadian Lutherans in need develop their God-given talents. 

Here are some of the ways in which Wisconsin Lutheran College partners with Grace Lutheran Church & School in Grenada:

  • Education enhancement through teacher workshops conducted by the WLC Education Department
  • Science fairs, providing equipment and teaching
  • Coral reef research through an annual marine biology class
  • Humanitarian assistance, with volunteers doing construction and renovation work
  • Athletics: volleyball is being developed on an interscholastic level
  • Future areas: nursing/medical and Mandarin Chinese

Opportunities for Giving to Grace Lutheran

  • Student scholarships
  • Facility construction
  • General support

Gifts to Wisconsin Lutheran College designated for Grace Lutheran in Grenada qualify as a charitable deduction as allowed by law.