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The Vision to Lead

Dear Friends,

It's with great pleasure that I invite your participation in a bold undertaking of tremendous importance: The Vision to Lead - the Campaign for Wisconsin Lutheran College.

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Our campaign, The Vision to Lead, is an initiative that is focused on our God - His word and directives for His people's lives, and our commitment to follow his lead. That, in a nutshell, describes The Vision to Lead.

We believe we are one of the best colleges in the world, but more importantly, the best college for the world. We are producing well-educated and superbly prepared Christian leaders for the good of our churches, our communities, and our world. The time to do more is now.

With a goal of $46 million (of which $38 million has already been raised), this campaign is the largest in our history, and will enable Wisconsin Lutheran College to make great strides in educating more well-prepared Christian leaders. The campaign will allow us to advance critical imperatives from our college's strategic plan to which we are committed: academic enhancements, student financial assistance, and endowment and annual funds.

Each day, our faculty and administration devote themselves to serving Christ by serving our students, further preparing them to be Christian leaders for life. Through this campaign, The Vision to Lead, you can join in that preparation.

Scholarship support is key to giving more students the opportunity to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College. For that reason, a significant component of this campaign's success rests on adequate student scholarship funding.

I'm thrilled to launch this record-setting campaign, confident in its success, certain of its impact, and grateful for the generosity I know our loyal friends will show.

In His Service Together,

Dr. Daniel W. Johnson, President