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Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Parents

The Direct PLUS Loan program for parents enables parents to borrow funds to pay the education expense of each child who is a dependent undergraduate student enrolled at least half time. The WLC PLUS Partner Program is Wisconsin Lutheran College's commitment to you to help pay a portion of the interest on your PLUS loan. The following steps will guide you through the Federal Direct PLUS Loan application process.

  • Determine Loan Amount

    Determine the amount you need to borrow through a Direct PLUS Loan for the entire school year. A 4.264% fee will be subtracted from the amount borrowed.

    One half of the amount that you borrow (minus 4.264% fee) will be disbursed to Wisconsin Lutheran College for your student's first semester bill. The other one half of the amount (minus 4.264% fee) will be disbursed for your student's second semester bill. Loan funds are applied directly to your student's bill.

    Be aware: The system will allow you to request a "maximum" amount. That amount will be more than what you need to pay your student's WLC bill for the year. If you only want to cover your student's bill, do not request "maximum."

    Apply for Loan

    Go to to:

    • Log in with the Parent's FSA ID
    • Apply for a PLUS Loan using the amount you determined in the previous step.
    • First time borrowers ONLY: Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for a Parent PLUS Loan. You must request the loan AND complete the MPN before your loan can be disbursed.
    • Previous borrowers: You do NOT need to complete another promissory note.

    You will receive a Disclosure Statement from the Department of Education via email or mail at the time of the first disbursement in fall. The Disclosure Statement is your confirmation that your loan has been processed. You can also view your Disclosure Statement online at when the loan is first disbursed.

    You have the right to cancel or lower your loan at anytime by contacting the WLC Financial Aid Office.

    If your PLUS request has been denied, contact the WLC Financial Aid Office for guidance. If you appeal the denial or add an endorser, you will be required to complete a PLUS Counseling session at

    Questions? Contact the Office of Financial Aid at Wisconsin Lutheran College at 414.443.8856 or via email.