WLC PLUS Partner Program 2015-2016

How does Wisconsin Lutheran College help families meet the price of attendance? One way we help middle income families is with the WLC PLUS Partner Program! This program allows us to partner with you, the parents, and pay a portion of the interest on Federal Direct PLUS loans. You see, we know that a quality education such as ours may be expensive, so we're offering a unique way to help bring our price within reach. Rather than facing the family contribution as two lump-sum payments (half for the fall, half for the spring) or a high monthly payment, which is typically what happens at most colleges, the Federal Direct PLUS loan enables you to approach college costs as a monthly expense – a reasonable monthly expense. You can budget the PLUS loan payments in with your regular monthly bills … and can save money in the process.

What exactly is the WLC PLUS Partner Program? It begins with you, the parent, borrowing a Federal Direct PLUS loan. The Partner Program is Wisconsin Lutheran College's commitment to you to help pay a portion of the interest on your PLUS loan. That's right; WLC will pay a designated amount of the interest for a maximum of four years while your son or daughter is enrolled at Wisconsin Lutheran College. You might call it a "value-added" Federal Direct PLUS Loan.

You can borrow a Federal Direct PLUS loan up to the cost of attendance (minus financial aid) for any one year or all four years of your son or daughter's education at Wisconsin Lutheran College. The amount borrowed can vary from year to year. A credit check is required. The loan term is up to ten years. To keep interest at a minimum, you begin monthly payments once the entire loan for the year is disbursed.

The WLC PLUS Partner Program will help you fit the cost of paying for college into your family's budget. In addition, it enables you to plan for all four years, knowing that funding will be available for each year if you need it.

Questions? Contact the WLC Financial Aid Office
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