Sample Financial Aid Packages

These are some examples of financial aid packages for traditional undergraduate students. While you may find some similarities to your own family situation, the specific circumstances will differ. These examples illustrate what is realistic and what isn't, and simply are representative of various possibilities.

Example 1:

From a Wisconsin family of three, Susan is the only person in college. Last year her parents had an adjusted income of $42,837 and assets of $2,100. Susan had assets of $400 and earnings of $3,332. As indicated by information provided on her financial assistance application, Susan’s expected family contribution is $1,835 for the coming year. The following financial aid package was received by Susan:

WLC Academic Scholarship $10,000
WLC Regents’ Grant 5,705
Wisconsin Tuition Grant 2,900
Pell Grant * 3,795
WLC Endowed Scholarship 1,000
Federal Work Study * 1,900
Federal Direct Loans * 5,500
Private Scholarship ** 1,000
Total Awards $31,800

* Federal award
** outside scholarship that Susan applied for on her own

Example 2:

Sam is an out-of-state junior transfer with a 3.4 college GPA. He is the only member of his family of five in college. Last year, Sam’s parents’ adjusted gross income was $51,585. They have assets of $5,900. Sam earned $6,200 last year and has assets of $100. An analysis of this information indicates that Sam and his family have an expected family contribution of $3,831 for the coming year. Sam’s financial aid looks like this:

WLC Transfer Scholarship $7,000
WLC Endowed Scholarship 1,000
WLC Regents’ Grant 5,305
Pell Grant * 1,795
WLC Out-of-State Grant 2,900
Federal Direct Loans * 7,500
Federal Work Study * 2,000
Total Awards $27,500

* Federal award

Example 3:

Sally is from a family of four and is the first to go to college. Her parents’ adjusted gross income last year was $125,800. They have assets of $300,000. Sally has assets of $21,000. An analysis of the information Sally’s family provided on the financial aid application indicates no need and no federal or state grant eligibility. However, because Sally has an outstanding academic record, is an exceptional actor, graduated from a private Christian high school, and is attending a Christian Leadership Summit, she was eligible for this financial aid package:

WLC Presidential Scholarship $12,000
WLC Theatre Scholarship 1,000
WLC Partners in Christian Education Scholarship 1,000
WLC Christian Leadership Summit Scholarship 1,000
Federal Direct Loans * 5,500
Total Awards $20,500

* Federal award