Faculty/Staff Directory

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Building Key:

A - Gary J. Greenfield Administrative Building
B - East Wing off of Campus Center
C - Campus Center
E - South Wing off of Chapel
F - Center for Arts and Performance
FM - Fine Arts Mezzanine
G - West Wing off of Campus Center
L - Marvin M. Schwan Library
ML - Modern Languages Building
R - Recreation Complex (REX)
EH - Stimac Hall
WH - Fischer Hall
S - Generac Hall

All phone numbers are in the 414 area code.

For the Athletics Staff Directory, visit

Name Department (Office) Phone Email Web Page
Anderson, Bob Biology (S255) 443.8863 Email Profile
Badura, Jason Humanities (G316) 443.8773 Email Profile 
Baker, Jenny Library (L124) 443.8864 Email Profile
Balza, Robert Biology (S245) 443.8908 Email Profile
Bastien, Andre Technology (B232) 443.8912 Email
Baxter, Andrew Res Life 443.8753 Email
Beck, Paul History (G302) 443.8847 Email Profile
Becker, Juanita Music (F225) 443.8972 Email Profile
Bitter, Alan Education (G202) 443.8565 Email Profile 
Boyd, Loni Fine Arts (F147) 443.8702 Email
Brandt, Jim Enrollment and Marketing (B013) 443.8866 Email
Braun, Mark Theology (G334) 443.8849 Email Profile
Braun, William Music (F222) 443.8839 Email Profile
Brightsman, David Education (E211) 443.8739 Email Profile
Brown, Mary Jo Spanish (ML101) 443.8932 Email Profile
Buellesbach, Melanie Marketing & Communication (B334) 443.8795 Email Profile
Buelow, Ronald Mathematics (S143) 443.8553 Email Profile
Burmeister, Paul Art (A214) 443.8621 Email Profile
Burow, Sharon Education (G208) 443.8991 Email Profile
Carey, Rebekah Nursing (S153) 443.8666 Email Profile
Carlson, Amanda Admissions (A107) 443.8810 Email
Close, Wendy Psychology (A334) 443.8701 Email Profile
Cochran, Trey Adult & Graduate Studies (B051) 443.8731 Email
Cockroft, Milton Pathways Milwaukee (G214) 443.8729 Email Website
Cortright, Charles Theology (G318) 443.8834 Email Profile
Cox, Phil Catering (E121) 443.8676 Email
Curtis, Bill Development (B328) 443.8546 Email
Davis, Joel Chemistry (S157) 443.8771 Email Profile
Derouin, Lisa Business Administration (A340) 443.8576 Email Profile
Ebeling, Angela Life Sciences (S237) 443.8644 Email Profile
Ebeling, Daniel Chemistry (S235) 443.8973 Email Profile
Eppen, Peter Business Administration (A324) 443.8830 Email Profile
Erbe, Jarrod Biology (S257) 443.8622 Email Profile
Farley, Ned Anthropology (S155) 443.8521 Email Profile
Faust, Lucas Admissions (B117) 443.8720 Email Profile
Finnegan, Olya Institutional Research (B204) 443.8867 Email
Finnigan, Sheena History (G306) 443.8945 Email Profile
Fischer, Karen Health Services (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8549 Email
Fons, Carolyn Music (F221) 443.8705 Email
Friske, Mel Mathematics (S147) 443.8836 Email Profile
Gerhard, Tanya Counseling (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8631 Email
Gjerdset, Kristin Art (F243) 443.8721 Email Profile
Glaeske, Kevin Chemistry (S243) 443.8893 Email Profile
Glinos, Jim Food Service (E123) 443.8827 Email
Gordy, Matthew Admissions (B118) 443.8726 Email
Gregorius, Jennifer Adult & Graduate Studies 443.8814 Email
Grulke, Matthew Technology (B230) 443.8983 Email
Hackbarth, Steven English/Spanish (G316) 443.8936 Email Profile
Hahn, Rob Institutional Research (B206) 443.8944 Email
Heins, Mary Communication (A338) 443.8832 Email Profile
Henkel, James Biology (S233) 443.8735 Email Profile 
Hennen, Joe Admissions (B115) 443.8712 Email Profile
Herbst, Jill Business Office (A102) 443.8841 Email
Hermanson, Amy English (A332) 443.8860 Email Profile 
Hoehl, Stacy Communication (A322) 443.8538 Email Profile
Hoehnke, Diane Business Office (A124) 443.8627 Email
Holman, James Education (G238) 443.8566 Email Profile
Holtz, Casey Psychology (A318) 443.8583 Email Profile
Hoot, Dustin Human Resources (B109) 443.8826 Email
Jaeger, Kate Res Life 443.5403 Email
Jahns, Thad Career Services (L146A) 443.8949 Email
Jeffers, Becky Student Success Center (L126) 443.8812 Email
Johnson, Daniel President (A113) 443.8952 Email Profile
Johnson, Joshua Online Instruction (B051) 443.8978 Email
Johnson, Sarah Adult & Graduate Studies (B017) 443.8896 Email
Johnston, Wade Theology (G320) 443.8865 Email Profile 
Karpinski, Tom Technology (B220) 443.8921 Email
Keophiphath, Laurie Mailroom (D012) 443.8752 Email
Koepke, Marla Campus Ministry (C202) 443.8750 Email
Kolander, John Academic Affairs (B056) 443.8816 Email Profile 
Kraus, Jeanne Business Office (A102) 443.8844 Email
Krause, Sibylle German (ML103) 443.8933 Email Profile
Kremer, Paul Center for Christian Leadership (B320) 443.8935 Email
Kudek, Don Business Administration (A332) 443.8579 Email Profile 
Kuehl, Rachel Sport & Exercise Science (S211) 443.8885 Email Profile 
Kuehn, Kerry Physics (S133) 443.8850 Email Profile
Kuether, Amy Marketing & Communication (B332) 443.8790 Email Profile
Lau, Aimee Communication (A306) 443.8588 Email Profile
LeBlanc, Lisa Nursing (S157) 443.8613 Email Profile
Leffel, Lisa Alumni/Development (B322) 443.8796 Email Profile
Lehninger, Paul Theology (G336) 443.8892 Email Profile
Leverence, David Financial Aid (A218) 443.8956 Email
Lindemann, Chad Art (F233) 443.8608 Email Profile
Lindner, Jennifer Adult & Graduate Studies (B069) 443.8681 Email
Loeffel, Linda Financial Aid (A202A) 443.8842 Email
Loose, Kathleen Development (B312) 443.8823 Email
Lowrey, Jason Adult & Graduate Studies (B053) 443.8513 Email
Lyon, Gregory Campus Ministry (C208) 443.8551 Email
Mackie, Dee Dee Human Social Services (E202) 443.8954 Email
Madsen, Monica Admissions 443.8811 Email
Magsig, Kristina Teacher Education (G220) 443.8818 Email
Malchow, Sarah Development (B308) 443.8532 Email Profile
Mannisto, Richard Development (B314) 443.8788 Email Profile 
Martin-Schnell, Julie Business Office (A104) 443.8815 Email
Matson, Jim Art (F242) 443.8703 Email Profile
McMullen, Jaquelin Financial Aid (A202B) 443.8640 Email
Metzger, Kristine Development (B324) 443.8925 Email Profile
Meyer, John Technology (B234) 443.8910 Email
Meyer, Kristen Mathematics (S149) 443.8694 Email Profile
Meyer, Nancy Business Office (A103) 443.8855 Email
Miller, Marty Education (G204) 443.8971 Email Profile
Moldenhauer, Martin English (A328) 443.8794 Email Profile
Moll, Courtney Biology (S253) 443.8591 Email Profile 
Morin, Amy Nursing (S164) 443.8728 Email
Moudry, Jerralyn Communication (A312) 443.8572 Email Profile
Mundt, Andrew Chemistry (S247) 443.8909 Email Profile
Murphy, Mark Education (G236) 443.8570 Email Profile
Natzke, Joyce Adult & Graduate Studies (B022) 443.8829 Email Profile
Naylor, Susan President's Office (A112) 443.8662 Email
Nowack, Dorothy Music (G226) 443.8914 Email
Nowack, James Music (F224) 443.8848 Email Profile
Olson, Leanne Psychology (A302) 443.8843 Email Profile
Otto, Suzanne Student Success Center (L126) 443.8812 Email
Palmer, Aaron History (G338) 443.8561 Email Profile
Panitzke, Joni Academic Affairs (B060) 443.8614 Email
Parker Fedewa,
Rebecca J.
English (A308) 443.8730 Email Profile
Patterson, Sharon Development (B326) 443.8556 Email Profile
Pfarr, Gregg Business Administration (A304) 443.8928 Email Profile
Phillips, Allison Biology (S249) 443.8606 Email Profile 
Plamann, Karen Events & Conferences (C108) 443.8870 Email Profile
Pless, Joel Theology (G310) 443.8930 Email Profile
Pocza, Robert Facilities Management (R064) 443.8878 Email
Pollek, Naomi Adult & Graduate Studies (B018) 443.8763 Email
Provan, Simon Theatre (FM09) 443.8895 Email Profile 
Quinn, Carletta Pathways Milwaukee (G216) 443.8559 Email
Ramirez, Kelly Pathways Milwaukee (G218) 443.8543 Email Website
Retberg, Amanda Communication (A314) 443.8835 Email Profile
Ross, Dave Generac Hall (S208A) 443.8766 Email
Sanders, Cindy Health Services (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8630 Email
Schaekel, Betty Brewhaus (D002) 443.8754 Email
Schmal, Dan Arts Programming (F104) 443.8875 Email
Schmid, Gary Finance (A126) 443.8590 Email
Schmude, Jessica Facilities Management (R054) 443.8882 Email
Schroeder, Mark Technology (B226) 443.8636 Email
Schroeder, Steve Human Resources (B108) 443.8601 Email
Schulz, David Computer Science (S139) 443.8545 Email Profile
Schulz, Kirsten Education (G206) 443.8523 Email Profile 
Scott, Sheryl Nursing (S137) 443.8931 Email Profile
Shevey, Wayne Campus Ministry (C202) 443.8723 Email
Sexton, Ryan Food Service (E122) 443.8756 Email
Siegmann, Starla Library (L124) 443.8862 Email Profile
Siemers, Ben Events & Conferences (C103) 443.8877 Email Profile
Sierszyn, Jay Theatre (FM08) 443.8700 Email Profile
Sitz, Karen Student Affairs (A211) 443.8797 Email
Smith, Brook Adult & Graduate Studies (B019) 443.8571 Email
Smith, Dan Facilities Management (R052) 443.8879 Email
Snyder, Tim Media Services (B218) 443.8798 Email
Stollenwerk, Donna Financial Aid (A220) 443.8861 Email
Strobel, Nathan Student Life (A205) 443.8825 Email
Swiontek, Craig Admissions (B107) 443.8713 Email Profile
Treuden, Terry Music (F214) 443.8624 Email Profile
Uecker, Deborrah Communication (A326) 443.8840 Email Profile
Ulm, Eric Registrar (A204) 443.8817 Email
Valerio, Brett Registrar (A203) 443.8785 Email Profile
Valerio, Jamie Res Life (E1113) 443.8762 Email
Viets, Mary Admissions (B106) 443.8609 Email
Volbrecht, Adam Res Life (WH2112) 443.8689 Email
Vonderheide, Rachel Admissions (B119) 443.8793 Email
Walther, Victoria Development (B318) 443.8962 Email Profile
Washburn, Jessica Nursing (S157A) 443.8831 Email Profile 
Weber, Danielle Admissions (B118) 443.8725 Email
Weber, Jeff Development (B306) 443.8819 Email
Wech, Curtis Marketing & Communication (B330) 443.8858 Email Profile 
Werner, John Biology (S233) 443.8734 Email Profile 
Werni, Michael Res Life (WH2113) 443.5401 Email
Westness, Barbara Student Programming (C106) 443.8813 Email
Wierer, Sara Career Services 443.8934 Email
Wilson, Nikki Adult & Graduate Studies (B020) 443.8536 Email
Wolle, Rhoda Student Success Center (L146B) 443.8517 Email Profile
Zambo, Steve Digital Cinema & Media (FM13) 443.8568 Email Profile
Ziesemer, Jon Teacher Education (G210) 443.8854 Email
Zimdars, Andrew Adult & Graduate Studies (B015) 443.8782 Email