Office Directory

Please call us at 414.443.8800 and our receptionists will direct your call. If you know which department you need, please use guide below (area code for all phone numbers is 414):

Office Person Phone
Academic Affairs Office (B060) 443.8814
John Kolander, Provost (B056) 443.8816
Joni Panitzke, Executive Assistant to the Provost & Academic Affairs (B060) 443.8614
Jarrod Erbe, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (S257) 443.8622
David Brightsman, Dean of the College of Professional Studies (E211) 443.8739
Joyce S. Natzke, Dean of the College of Adult & Graduate Studies (B022) 443.8829
Bob Anderson, Assistant Dean of Faculty Development (S255) 443.8863
Rhoda Wolle, Dean of Student Success (L146B) 443.8517
Academic Departments see Programs of Study
Admissions Office (B110) 443.8811
Lucas Faust, Executive Director of Admissions (B117) 443.8720
Amanda Burk, Admissions Visit Coordinator (A107) 443.8810
Joe Hennen, Senior Admissions Counselor/IT Admission Data Manager (B115) 443.8712
Craig Swiontek, Director of Transfer Admissions (B107) 443.8713
Cameron Teske, Admissions Counselor (B116) 443.8726
Rachel Vonderheide, Admissions Counselor (B119) 443.8793
Danielle Weber, Admissions Counselor (B118) 443.8725
Andrew Westphal, Admissions Office Coordinator (B113) 443.8811
Ambassador Leader 443.8707
Telecounselor (PAC) Supervisor 443.8791
FAX--Admissions 443.8547
Adult & Graduate Studies  Jim Brandt, Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing (B013) 443.8866
Joyce S. Natzke, Dean of Adult & Graduate Studies (B022) 443.8829
Naomi Murawski, Director of Enrollment (B018) 443.8763
Trey Cochran, Enrollment Advisor (B017) 443.8896
Brook Smith, Academic & Enrollment Advisor (B015) 443.8571
Nikki Wilson, Academic Advisor (B020) 443.8536
Andrew Zimdars, Enrollment Advisor (B015) 443.8782
Jennifer Lindner, Office Coordinator (B069) 443.8681
Alumni  Lisa Leffel, Director (B322) 443.8796
see Athletics Staff Directory  
Box Office Box Office (F146) 443.8802
Loni Boyd, Box Office Manager (F147) 443.8702
Business Office Office (A102) 443.8844
Gary Schmid, Vice President of Finance (A126) 443.8590
Diane Hoehnke, Assistant VP of Finance (A124) 443.8627
Jill Herbst, Purchasing/Payables (A102) 443.8841
Nancy Meyer, Accounts Receivable (A103) 443.8855
Campus Center Meeting Room (B062) 443.8633
Private Dining Room (D103) 443.8755
Warrior Brew Haus (D003) 443.8554
Warrior Underground (D042) 443.8754
Campus Ministry Rev. Wayne Shevey, Campus Pastor (C208) 443.8723
Marla Koepke, Campus Ministry Coordinator (C202) 443.8750
Campus Vicar (C202) 443.8750
Campus Ministry Office (C202) 443.8750
Career Development  Office (Library) 443.8635
Thad Jahns, Career Development Director (L146A) 443.8949
FAX--Career Development 443.8505
Catering Phil Cox, Catering Director (E121) 443.8676
Counseling Services  Counseling Center (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8631
Karen Fischer, Health Center Director (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8549
Thad Jahns, Director of Career Development (L146A) 443.8949
FAX--Counseling Center 443.8744
Development  Office (B312) 443.8823
Richard Mannisto, Vice President of Development (B314) 443.8788
Bill Curtis, Director of Athletic Development (B328) 443.8546
Lisa Leffel, Director of Alumni Relations (B322) 443.8796
Kathleen Loose, Development Services Specialist (B312) 443.8823
Sarah Malchow, Director of Annual Giving (B308) 443.8532
Kristine Metzger, Senior Director of Gift Planning (B324) 443.8925
Michael Miller, Gift Counselor (B204) 443.8594
Sharon Patterson, Director of Corporation and Foundation Relations (B326) 443.8556
Victoria Walther, Director of Development Services (B318) 443.8962
Jeff Weber, Major Gifts Officer (B320) 443.8819
FAX--Development 443.8510
Events & Conferences Office (C108) 443.8870
Karen Plamann, Director (C108) 443.8870
Ben Siemers, Assistant Director (C103) 443.8877
Campus Events Hotline 443.8801
Campus Events Student Desk (Galleria) 443.8799
Faculty Secretary Maureen Rochester, Education (G220) 443.8818
FAX--Faculty 443.8533
Financial Aid Office (A202B) 443.8856
Linda Loeffel, Director (A202A) 443.8842
Donna Stollenwerk, Assistant Director (A220) 443.8861
Jaquelin McMullen, Loan Processor (A202B) 443.8640
David Leverence, Financial Aid Specialist (A218) 443.8956
FAX--Financial Aid 443.8540
Fine Arts Front Desk 443.8683
Dan Schmal, Director of Arts Programming (F104) 443.8875
Loni Boyd, Fine Arts Office and Events Manager (F147) 443.8702
Recording Studio (B222) 443.8979
FAX--Fine Arts 443.8600
Food Service
Jim Glinos, General Manager (E123) 443.8827
Betty Schaekel, Brewhaus Supervisor 443.8754
Brian Quinn, Executive Chef (E122) 443.8756
Peggy Wiliszewski, Administrative Assistant (E122) 443.8951
Kitchen (G111) 443.8751

Generac Hall
Reception Desk (S162) 443.8733
Dave Ross, Buiding Manager (S208A) 443.8766
FAX--Generac Hall 443.8596
Health Services  Office (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8630
Karen Fischer, Health Center Director (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8549
Human Resources  Steve Schroeder, Vice President (B108) 443.8601
Dustin Hoot, Manager - HR/Payroll (B109) 443.8826
Information Desk Receptionist (A111) 443.8800
Institutional Research Olya Finnegan, Information Systems Analyst (B224) 443.8867
Internships  Thad Jahns, Career Development Director (L146A) 443.8949
Johnson Controls see Maintenance  
Labs Biology Lab (S108) 443.8897
Chemistry Lab (S101) 443.8899
Instrument Lab (S104) 443.8898
Physics Lab (R160) 443.8715
Library  Circulation Desk 443.8864
Starla Siegmann, Director of Library Services (L124) 443.8864
Jenny Baker, Reference Librarian (L124) 443.8864
Faculty/Staff Lounge (L136) 443.8880
Heritage Room (L240) 443.8807
FAX--Library 443.8505
Mailroom Laurie Keophiphath, Mailroom Manager (D012) 443.8752
(Johnson Controls)
Dan Smith, Customer Business Manager (R052) 443.8879
Keith Klemstein, Campus Supervisor (R064) 443.8878
Jessica Schmude, Administrative Assistant (R054) 443.8882
Security (R053) 443.8500
FAX--Johnson Controls 443.8883
Marketing & Communication
Melanie Buellesbach, Director of Communication (B334) 443.8795
Amy Kuether, Director of Design and Creative Services (B306) 443.8790
Monica Madsen, Marketing & Communication Specialist (B304) 443.8760
Curtis Wech, Marketing & Communication Specialist (B330) 443.8858
FAX--Marketing & Communication 443.8510
Media Services Tim Snyder, Media Services Coordinator (B218) 443.8798
Pathways Milwaukee Milton Cockroft, Pathways Executive Director (G214) 443.8729
Kelly Ramirez, Pathways Assistant Director (G216) 443.8543
President  Daniel W. Johnson, President (A113) 443.8662
Susan Naylor, Executive Assistant (A112) 443.8662
Properties Management 443.8886
Public Safety Office 443.8500
Receptionist Gary J. Greenfield Administration Building 443.8800
Registrar  Brett Valerio, Registrar (A203) 443.8785
Eric Ulm, Assistant Registrar (A204) 443.8817
FAX--Registrar 443.8540
Rentals (Properties Management)   443.8886
Residential Life
Judy Eggers, Director (RH2113) 443.8857
Adam Volbrecht, Assistant Director (RH2112) 443.8689
RC Office (RH1113) 443.8762
REX see Athletics Staff Directory
Sodexo  see Food Service  
Student Life  Office (A206) 443.8852
Rev. Nathan Strobel, Interim Vice President of Student Life (A205) 443.8825
Karen Sitz, Director of Student Support and Special Projects (A211) 443.8797
Karen Fischer, Health Center Director (529 N. 89th St.) 443.8549
Student Employment Office (A208) 443.8639
Student Senate  (RH1112) 443.8884
The Sword Jerralyn Moudry, Advisor (A312) 443.8572
Student Success Center 
Rhoda Wolle, Dean of Student Success (L146B) 443.8517
Becky Jeffers, Student Success Counselor (L126) 443.8812
Suzanne Otto, Student Success Counselor (L126) 443.8812
Technology Tech Help Desk 443.8911
John Meyer, Director of IT Operations (B324) 443.8910
Andre Bastien, Application/Web Developer (B232) 443.8912
Olya Finnegan, Webmaster (B224) 443.8867
Matt Grulke, Senior Systems and Database Administrator (B230) 443.8983
Tom Karpinski, Computer and Network Specialist (B220) 443.8921
Mark Schroeder, Administrative Applications Manager (B226) 443.8636
Tim Snyder, Media Services Coordinator (B218) 443.8798