I'm interested in receiving an alumni career mentor!

Is the Alumni Mentor Program right for me?

Looking for career guidance? Have your eyes set on a dream job, but have no idea how to get there? Worried about life after college? If so, then the Alumni Mentoring program is just for you!

What is expected of an alumni mentee?

Mentors are encouraged to commit to two contacts per month of which one is in person where geographically feasible. Mentor-mentee relationships are expected to continue officially for six months. Depending on respective schedules, mentors and students may meet informally (i.e., for breakfast or lunch, at the mentor's place of business or at any other mutually agreed upon time and place).

Mentees are expected to be respectful of the Mentor's time and schedule. It is the quality of the relationship, not the quantity of time spent that determines its success. When meeting with a mentor, mentees should be punctual and prepared with questions and concerns.

How do I apply to receive an Alumni Mentor?

To be paired with an Alumni Mentor, you must submit an online application form below. You will be notified of your mentor's name and contact information via email or phone. Alumni and career services staff meet monthly during the school year to pair up mentors and mentees.

Questions? Contact Lisa Leffel, Director of Alumni Relations, at or (414) 443-8796.

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