Wisconsin Lutheran College Concert Band Tour History

Band visits Cowboys Stadium

Tours are a time for students to travel and enjoy the camraderie of their group, and give them a chance to experience what it is like to perform their music in various spaces for different audiences. Most of all, WLC tours give students the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the college and for their Savior as they share his love through music.

2015 Gateway Concert Band Tour

2014 Pacific Winds Concert Band Tour

2013 Spring Concert Band Tour

2012 Great Lakes Concert Band Tour

2011 All-American Tour

2010 Spring Band Tour

2009 Winter Band Tour 

2008 Spring Band Tour 

2007 Winter Band Tour

2006 Band Tour Itinerary

2005 La Passio de Christ Eastern States Tour

2004 Midwest Tour

2003 Midwest Tour

2002 Midwest Tour