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Meet William Gorr

William Gorr Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2014

Major: Environmental Science

Current Occupation: Silent Drill Platoon - United States Marine Corps

Servant leadership is a large part of the WLC culture. And for me, it has carried over into my day-to-day work in the Marines.
- William Gorr

  • William Gorr, a 2014 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College with a major in environmental science, always knew there was more out there for him; he just needed a push.

    As soon as Will toured the WLC campus, he knew it was the right college for him. His mother was very influential in his decision as well, as her parenting and his upbringing aligned well with WLC values. He loved the small, friendly atmosphere, which allowed him the close bond he made with faculty.

    Dr. Joel Pless was Will's original advisor and was very helpful in helping Will find his niche. Advice from Dr. Pless to “think before you think” has stayed with Will. Once Will declared his major, Dr. Robert Anderson became his advisor, and he motivated Will daily. Although Will enjoyed the environmental sciences field, he was inspired by professors, mentors, and veterans alike to make a drastic change in his career that he realized he needed to do.

    Will always knew he wanted to join the military. After spending time at WLC and being a part of the “servant leadership” culture, he knew it was time to make the leap, so he and his brother, Ben, enlisted in the Marine Corps together.

    I walk in my faith and serve with love and compassion so that I too can become a servant to others. My hope and prayer is that I can influence the others around me through my words and actions.

    Currently, Will is stationed at the oldest post of the Corps, Marine Barracks "8th & I" in Washington D.C., the post which was established by President Thomas Jefferson in 1801 to defend the nation's Capital. Will went to the School of Infantry (SOI) at Camp Pendleton, California, and obtained the Military Occupational Specialty (job) of an 0311 Rifleman.

    “After SOI, I was selected based on screening and qualification to be stationed at Marine Barracks Washington. That’s where I was needed, so that's where I willingly went. Once there, I went through a course known as Silent Drill School, which was about 45 training days and incorporated a lot of precision rifle drill."

    He is now on the Silent Drill Platoon in D.C., which travels nationally and internationally to perform its drill sequence in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators each year. Of the 184,000 or so active duty Marines, SDP graduates between 10 and 20 new Marines each year. It is the smallest specialized unit in the Corps with the task of representing the Marine Corps as a whole to the American public.

    We represent every single Marine who has ever earned the title. It is our job to shine a positive light on the Marine Corps and to exemplify its values so that there is a Marine Corps in the future. America does not need a Marine Corps, She wants one.

    His job is very precise and requires a lot of training, discipline, and dedication. The platoon performs at events such as Sunset and Evening Parades in D.C., Honor Flights, Wounded Warrior events, NFL halftime shows, high schools and colleges, among other venues around the country. See a video of the Silent Drill Platoon.

    Will lives the WLC culture every day, and he knows it had a substantial affect on him. The motto of the Silent Drill Platoon is “remember what you represent,” and for him that is honor, courage, and commitment.