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Meet Nate Sorum

Nate Sorum Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2008

Major: Biology

Current Occupation: Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Sorum Physiotherapy

God led me where I needed to be, and I wouldn't change a thing. 
- Nate Sorum 

  • Attending Wisconsin Lutheran College was a family tradition for Nate Sorum, and he was certain in his choice to attend college there. His career path, however, began with much less certainty. Instead, he believed that a significant amount of faith in God would lead him to where he was meant to go.

    After extensive research and thorough consideration, he ultimately chose biology as his major. As a senior, he decided he would continue onto Concordia University to study physical therapy.

    Nate says his time at WLC impacts him every day, as he strives to always embody the values of servant leadership he learned at WLC and provide the best physical therapy care possible to his patients. The toughest cases are the most rewarding for Nate, who knows that many of his patients are in under-served areas and need more than just physical care.

    His approach goes beyond manual therapy to build trust, give hope, educate, and empower these patients. He believes that success comes when the whole person is treated and a strong connection is made.

    Nate’s career continues to move forward, and he currently works at several clinics with more opening in the future. His responsibilities have grown past physical therapy and patient care to include staff recruiting, training, mentoring, and using his Christian leadership to ensure his team provides compassionate care. Motivated by servant leadership, Nate believes that everything he does should ultimately revolve around service to God.