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Meet Joel Hermanson

Joel Hermanson Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2012

Major: Media Design

Current Occupation: Graphic Designer at Savage Solutions

Be proactive with your education. Everyone I know who was proactive and took their education seriously has had success after graduation.
- Joel Hermanson

  • Joel Hermanson always wanted to be a graphic designer. As he learned design principles and developed his skills during his time at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Joel became increasingly confident that he was in the right field.  He landed an internship at Top Side Design in Wauwatosa through an associate professor at WLC, where he gained valuable real world experience.

    As a senior, Joel worked in WLC's Office of Marketing and Communication doing graphic design. As graduation grew closer, Joel secured a summer internship with Savage Solutions in Milwaukee, WI, where he was eventually offered a full time position. 

    Three years later, Joel continues working at Savage Solutions as a graphic designer. His days are filled with a variety of clients from many industries, and Joel enjoys the learning opportunities they present. Joel works with clients to effectively redesign and rethink their branding and messaging. Web graphics, advertisements, and logos are just a few examples of design projects Joel works on regularly. Helping companies improve how they communicate and how they present their business is one of Joel’s favorite parts of his job.

    Recently, Joel worked with a pair of young entrepreneurs who left their careers to launch a craft cocktail beverage. They strived to bring something new and unique to the market, and Joel was excited to be part of their brand formation process from its earliest stages all the way until it was launched. Helping these clients bring their dream to life and grow a company was an incredibly rewarding experience for Joel, and he hopes to continue working with clients like them in the future.

    Ultimately, Joel hopes to become a creative director. In the agency design world, it is very common for people to hop around to new jobs frequently. Joel, however, feels he is at a great agency and appreciates his colleagues and work environment. Since he began working there in 2012, Savage Solutions has gone on to hire two additional Wisconsin Lutheran College alumni, one of which Joel connected with while attending a WLC art show.

    Joel recalls that one of the most valuable things he learned from his WLC education was how to present his work confidently and clearly, and show to anyone the value in his work.