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Meet Garett Lemerand

Garett Lemerand Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2013

Major: Nursing

Current Occupation: Staff RN, Children's Hospital

I came into college completely unsure of what I wanted to do. Now two years into nursing, I absolutely know I made the right choice.
- Garett Lemerand

  • Garett Lemerand began college undecided about a major, but she knew she wanted to be involved in the medical field in some capacity. She chose Wisconsin Lutheran College partially because the small size would allow her to experience a wider variety of courses, helping her to find her passion. Nursing seemed to be the best fit for her.

    For senior year of nursing school, each student is assigned to a nurse and completes more than 100 hours with that nurse. Garett enjoyed her rotation at Children’s Hospital, so she put down pediatric oncology as her preferred unit. Although she did not get that specific unit, she was placed on a similar unit with a mixture of serious pediatric patients. After graduation, Garett accepted a full-time position on that same unit, where she remains today.

    Days are unpredictable in hospitals, but some of Garett’s general responsibilities include taking patients’ vitals, administering medications, assisting with feedings, teaching families how to care for the children once they are discharged, and collaborating with teams of doctors.

    Because the unit has a variety of patients, all with serious illnesses, Garett admits that it can be overwhelming at times. Still, being able to comfort a child or just make them feel like a typical kid is one thing she finds incredibly rewarding. She explains how it can be difficult to watch children struggle, but the fulfillment and joy that comes from watching them get the surgery they need or make a full recovery is what makes everything worthwhile for her.

    Garett remains connected to WLC today. After spending four years as a member of the WLC dance team during college, Garett now serves as the team’s assistant coach. She also is a clinical instructor for WLC nursing students, a position she loves and plans to continue.

    In 2014, Garett was honored with the Daisy Award, a national award given for nursing excellence.