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Meet Colleen Schauer

Colleen Schauer Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2014

Major: Business Management and Leadership

Current Occupation: Invoicing Specialist at Staples Energy

The journey may seem like a long road, but when you finally walk across that stage, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to begin.
- Colleen Schauer

  • Finishing her degree was an important goal for Colleen Schauer, but she needed a program that fit her full-time work schedule. After hearing the radio commercial for Wisconsin Lutheran College’s adult accelerated program, she visited campus and met with an advisor. She says, “I knew that they [WLC staff] wanted me to succeed, and enrolling was an easy decision.”

    At first, Colleen was worried about the transition from taking classes on campus to taking classes online; however, she found the instructors and other students made the online course environment quite enjoyable.

    I was able to reach out for help when needed, and the discussion forums made for an easy exchange of ideas. I was working a second shift job at the time and was able to learn and complete my work on my own schedule, not having to worry about being at a certain place at a certain time.

    Though she was an online student, Colleen lived close enough to visit campus, oftentimes meeting with advisors and studying in the library. She acknowledges the friendliness of the other students prevented her from feeling like a “non-traditional” student. She says, “Whether you attend classes online or in person, you are a Warrior, and they make you feel as such. It [WLC] felt like a home away from home.”

    Colleen applies what she learned at Wisconsin Lutheran College in her interactions with clients and coworkers. She states, “WLC’s focus on service based education has translated to service based interactions in everything that I do. We all play our part in the jobs that we do, however small they may seem. Being proficient when being asked to do a task, and going above and beyond has given me a leg up in my position and in life.”

    Within her current role, Colleen is working with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program to help small businesses decrease their energy usage by installing more efficient lighting and engaging in various other energy saving measures. She credits WLC for her current position, explaining that it was a WLC alumnus who saw Wisconsin Lutheran College listed on her resume and reached out to schedule an interview. Though the position had already been filled, another position was created for Colleen to join the team. She states, “Without WLC, I wouldn’t have my job.”

    Earning my degree gives me a peace of mind, and a feeling of self-accomplishment. I can look back at all the hard work and years of classes and know that I finally have a degree behind me to back it up. My motivation was to better myself in life, and to know that I can provide for myself and be independent.

    Collen’s advice to future Wisconsin Lutheran College Warriors: “You can do it. It may seem like your schedule is too busy or your bank account is too low, but I promise you that it is achievable. Making your education, and yourself, a priority is one thing that you will never regret.”