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Meet Cheng Ding

Cheng Ding Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2013

Major: Business Administration - Finance

Current Occupation: MS - Management student at New York University

  • Cheng Ding spent the first three years of his college education as a student in his home country of China. He came to Wisconsin Lutheran College for his fourth year as part of an exchange program and graduated in 2013. Cheng studied finance at WLC and aspired to land a job as a financial analyst or money manager in New York City, where he recently finished graduate school at New York University.

    As a student in China, Cheng began a mentorship and career-training program in which successful alumni worked with current college students. Cheng grew the program to include 45 students and considers it one of his biggest achievements as a student. During his time at WLC, he noted several business projects that provided him with practical, real world application that helped him reaffirm his career path.

    Because of his interest in finance, Cheng wanted to come to the United States to further his education and career. For this reason, going to New York City was a natural choice for graduate school. Cheng remembers his WLC professors encouraging him during his application process, as well as providing advice and references. Cheng was accepted to NYU, and was excited to take the next step toward a career in finance.

    Continuing onto a graduate school like NYU was a big adjustment for Cheng, who says he missed the small classes and professor accessibility he experienced at WLC. Still, he felt very prepared for his graduate studies, and credits his professors and well rounded business curriculum.

    Looking forward, Cheng has many goals he wants to achieve. He plans to expand his analytic and interpersonal skills, build his resume with valuable experience, and learn as much as possible working in the United States before ultimately returning to China.