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Meet Brandon Mattox

Brandon Mattox Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2008

Major: Communication

Current Occupation: Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach - Wisconsin Lutheran High School

I want my players to look back and say, 'Coach Mattox made a difference in my life.'
- Brandon Mattox

  • Brandon Mattox wakes up every day determined to make a difference. He considers himself a culmination of all the mentors in his life, and so, he strives to serve as a positive, influential mentor for the kids he works with.

    Brandon’s early childhood had been tough and unstable until he was adopted by his aunt and uncle. During his time at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Brandon formed many close relationships with staff members and students, who he says supported him through all the ups and downs he experienced.

    After WLC, Brandon got his teaching certification as well as master’s degree in special education from Lakeland College. He now works with high school students of all abilities and coaches a boys’ basketball team. Basketball has always been a passion for Brandon, and he strives to make the program successful.

    More important than winning, however, are the relationships built. Brandon says he would rather lose every game than have players walking away without learning anything. His passion for impacting these young men’s lives comes from his desire to repay everyone who affected his own life. 

    Brandon takes life experience and uses it as a teaching tool for his students. He wants students to understand that obstacles can be overcome and that they are strong enough for whatever life throws their way. Brandon firmly believes this is his calling in life and is grateful to have found it.