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Meet Andy Ognenoff

Andrew Ogenoff Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2004

Major: Business Administration

Current Occupation: Senior Manager - Technical Architect, Cloud Sherpas

Graduation does not mean you are finished with your education. Your education will just take a different form.
- Andy Ognenoff

  • Since his first day at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Andy Ognenoff pushed himself out of his comfort zone. With support from professors and a passion for what he was learning, Andy grew personally and academically, becoming confident in his abilities and eager to advance. 

    Much like his college experience, Andy’s career has been about stepping out of comfort zones. While he was working in a technical position for Cousins Subs, Andy was recruited for a job with ManpowerGroup, a much, much larger global company. He decided to take a leap of faith and accept the role with ManpowerGroup despite being comfortable and secure in his current position.

    After about a year and a half, General Electric approached him for a position implementing Salesforce, an innovative cloud-based customer relationship management suite of software. Andy accepted the offer, beginning his role at GE on a very small team with big goals. By the end of his time there, he had a much larger, global team and had laid the foundation for a commercial platform for 10,000+ users in over 50 countries.

    Andy is now a senior manager and technical architect at Cloud Sherpas, one of the premiere Salesforce consulting companies. In this role, he uses his passion for technology to help the organizations he works with fulfill their own missions. He serves as a top technical leader for his projects and has become one of the very few Salesforce Certified Technical Architects in the world. Each day is unique and his responsibilities can range from extremely hands-on technical work to discussing big-picture ideas with C-level executives. Andy has the opportunity to work with very diverse teams from countries all over the world.

    Andy has received multiple accolades from the Salesforce community. In addition to his Technical Architect certification, he has been recognized as a Salesforce MVP for the past five years. Andy has presented three times at Dreamforce, an annual Salesforce conference that draws more than 100,000 attendees. 

    Andy says the key to success is to not get too comfortable, stay relevant by learning as many new concepts as possible and find a way to apply them to your own career field.

    His advice to college students? "Don't be afraid to take risks. Use your time at WLC to explore your passions, but don't tie yourself down too soon. It's okay to change your mind." Andy concludes by saying that your academic major is a platform for your future, but other experiences and networking connections will also help you down the road. The ability to learn, adapt, and relate to people are vital skills to have.