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Meet Andrew Wiech

Andrew Wiech Spotlight Image

WLC Class Of: 2009

Majors: Business Administration - Marketing; Communication

Current Occupation: Senior Engagement Consultant at Digital Measures

Don't be afraid to try new things and see where it takes you.
- Andrew Wiech

  • Originally, Andrew Wiech intended to study political science and business in the hopes of becoming a campaign manager. However, like many college students, Andrew eventually realized that wasn’t the path he wanted to pursue. He then began taking more business and communication courses through Wisconsin Lutheran College, and decided to double major in business administration with an emphasis on marketing and communication. 

    Andrew spent the first five years of his career working in advertising and marketing before moving to his current position as a solution specialist at Digital Measures. Digital Measures provides faculty-tracking software for higher education institutes around the world, making it easier to streamline processes such as annual reporting, accreditation, promotion, and tenure. In 2015, the company was designated one of Milwaukee's Coolest Offices by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

    Much of Andrew’s job is client relationship management. He strives to identify his clients’ needs and resolve them as quickly as possible, and to be seen as their partner rather than a vendor. When it comes to building and maintaining strong relationships, Andrew believes that always keeping a servant leadership mentality is integral to success. 

    Along with his academics at WLC, Andrew feels that being involved with Student Senate and having leadership opportunities early on played a large role in building his confidence and teaching him valuable real world skills, such as leading meetings and developing and implementing projects. He was able to translate these leadership skills into his career and says it is both rewarding and humbling to know that your clients view you as a leader and value and trust your opinions. 

    Andrew is excited for his future and looks forward to achieving more of his goals. He loves building relationships and a strong sense of community, and he hopes to stay involved in that aspect of his work, even if other parts of his job responsibilities evolve.