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Meet Alison Rosenblum

Alison Rosenblum - Profile Photo

WLC Class Of: 2015

Major: Mathematics

Current Occupation: Student and Teaching Assistant (TA) at Purdue University

The best moments in helping students come when they no longer need your help.
- Alison Rosenblum

  • Alison Rosenblum has three diverse interests: mathematics, German, and music. They may seem unrelated on the surface, but Alison managed to tie them together during her time as a Wisconsin Lutheran College student and continues to do so as a teaching assistant at Purdue University.

    Early in her undergraduate career at WLC, Alison was encouraged to take a Foundations of Mathematics course. With her interest piqued, she continued in math and ultimately chose it as her major. She studied German as a minor and played violin in the WLC Orchestra. She credits her WLC advisor with being helpful when it came to choosing a major and taking her next steps toward graduate school.

    One of the requirements for a doctorate in mathematics was a strong foundation in German, French, or Russian, offering Alison a ready-made language minor for her graduate studies. Music remains an important part of her life as well, as she participates in the orchestra playing violin.

    Alison explains that, for her, there is a correlation between math and music: "Both music and mathematics begin with a set of principles and create something powerful working from them,” she says. “The mathematician in me enjoys the order found in music, while at the same time, the creativity and even aesthetics inherent in music can be seen echoed in mathematics. Skill in pattern recognition is necessary to both, certainly.”

    Today, Alison is completing a fellowship at Purdue University, where she studies and teaches. Her passion for math is obvious, as is the fulfillment she feels watching students grasp the concepts and share in her passion.

    “One of the great joys of teaching is the moment when a student who was struggling with a concept understands it suddenly,” Alison says. 

    While Alison is still unsure of her final career aspiration, she says if she chooses teaching, she’d love to return to WLC and its close-knit community.