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Meet Alexandrea Hackel

Alex Hackel Profile Image

WLC Class Of: 2014

Majors: Business Administration; Spanish

Current Occupation: ESPN Marketing Consultant, Good Karma Brands

  • Alexandrea transferred to Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2012 from a university in Illinois. She stated, "The people and the small class sizes were the draw for me. I knew some students who attended WLC before I decided to transfer, and I knew if the students at WLC were like these friends, I would feel right at home there. The atmosphere at Wisconsin Lutheran College is just so positive and encouraging all around, and that's what I loved and what drew me there."

    While at WLC, Alex participated on the Warriors golf and softball teams. She said, "I wouldn't trade my experience as a student-athlete for the world. It taught me how to manage my time and led to some of my best friendships." It was a softball spring break trip in Florida that Alex remembers most fondly: "My favorite moment was when I found out that I was offered an internship with ESPN Milwaukee. I found out while on a softball spring break trip and my teammates were all so happy for me and congratulated me over and over again. It was such a cool feeling to have that kind of support and encouragement.

    Alex's internship led to a full-time career. She explained, "I interned with ESPN Milwaukee, operated by Good Karma Brands, throughout my senior year. I worked for the ESPN Deportes radio station, ran events, learned about marketing strategy, and created amazing professional networking connections. The internship led to a job offer upon graduation. After lots of hard work, I was offered a promotion which led to my move to Baltimore to open a new, local branch with ESPN Digital.

    The knowledge, skills, and experiences from my time at Wisconsin Lutheran College have made me into a very well-rounded individual. I feel that I balance my spiritual, professional, and social life very well. I am a very positive person and I learned that from the amazing and encouraging staff at WLC, along with my teammates and friends. I just felt prepared for life and work after college in general, and I believe that’s exactly what college is all about.

    Alex credited her time at WLC with her ability to speak confidently to anyone. She stated, "I meet with local businesses every day and present ESPN Digital assets to clients. I thought the emphasis on communication throughout all of my classes at WLC was excellent. I feel very prepared every day to speak eloquently and confidently to anyone, and I credit that to WLC.

    While at WLC, Alex grew professionally and personally. She concluded, "I learned about who I want to make sure I am every day. My goal when I wake up is to be better than the day before in all aspects of my life and make God proud by taking full advantage of all the amazing opportunities he has put in front of me. I feel Wisconsin Lutheran College prepared me to do just that."