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Course Descriptions

ADU 301 Foundations of Academic Success. 3 cr.
Introduction to academic study at Wisconsin Lutheran College; exploration of personal strengths and aspirations; development of personal learning goals; introduction to student support resources, library resources, and learning support tools; initial planning for capstone project success.
ADU 302 Servant Leadership. 3 cr.
Introduction to the study of servant leadership in society as it relates to successful management practices. Exploration of the Biblical and historical record of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ with applications for leadership in the workplace, community, and home.
BML 303 Communication in the Business Setting. 3 cr.
A public speaking and professional writing course designed to provide students with practical applications to develop a higher level of expertise in the area of business and professional communication.
BML 311 Applied Economics. 3 cr.
Overview of principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics with emphasis on economic analysis; application of economic principles to managerial decisions.
BML 312 Strategic Marketing. 3 cr.
Review of marketing theories and application of marketing strategies: branding, positioning, pricing, channel management, planning functions and procedures as they apply to bringing products to market.
BML 313 Principles of Management. 3 cr.
Theory of management, managerial functions, departmentalization, staffing, direction, planning, and control.
BML 321 Financial Management. 3 cr.
Exploration of financial tools and understanding of the utilization and application to business strategy.
BML 322 Project Management. 3 cr.
Introduces the ethical, theoretical, and practical challenges of the project management framework including the basic project management phases, (initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure), basic interactions, and the integration of project and strategic management.
BML 323 Human Resources Management. 3 cr.
Principles, policies, and practices applicable to personnel issues in dealing with staffing, training, wages and benefits, labor relations, and communications.
BML 411 Business Law. 3 cr.
Examination of contract law, tort law, intellectual property law, employment law, and administrative law in the business environment.
BML 412 Business Ethics. 3 cr.
A focus on the interaction of ethics and business with emphasis on developing Christian business leaders with discussion of moral and ethical problems confronting business in the context of political, social, and ecological environments. Topics include ethical issues in the free market economic system and the social responsibility of business.
BML 421 Culture and Diversity in Organizations. 3 cr.
The importance of employee diversity to organizations and best practices in managing diversity; topics such as identity, prejudice, discrimination, diversity training, and inclusion, as well as legal issues, will be discussed.
BML 422 Managing People in Organizations. 3 cr.
Human relations in the world of work: Values, attitudes, norms, personality, leadership, motivation, group processes, conflict resolution, and power and politics.
BML 423 Strategic Planning and Implementation. 3 cr.
Planning as the prerequisite for effective management in organizations of all sizes. The development of a mission and vision coupled with organizational goals, priorities, and strategic planning tools.
BML 424 Leading Organizational Change. 3 cr.
Exploration of systems and tools for assessing organizational health and potential, adjusting vision in support of mission, creating shared ownership for change, reorganizing for success, implementing strategies to overcome resistance, evaluating progress, and realigning efforts toward continued success.
BML 491 Leadership Capstone Seminar. 3 cr.
A capstone course culminating in a personal leadership portfolio prepared by the student and presented to a capstone committee and a group of peers.
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